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In Probably The Greatest Moment Of His Life, ‘The Beast’ Deadlifted 1,018 Pounds While Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheered On

This has to be the greatest moment in this guy’s life. When your name is ‘The Beast’, you’re either going to dedicate your life to weightlifting or dedicate your life to murdering people. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m glad this guy dedicated his life to the former. Not that this guy needed any help breaking this record, but when Arnold Schwarzenegger comes running over to root you on, it has to give you a little boost of adrenaline. When you combine ‘The Beast’s’ skill set and strength with the cheering power of The Terminator you’re going to break every world record. I don’t care if it’s fly fishing or dead lifts; that world record is getting broken. On a side note, it’s almost spring time, which means it’s almost softball season. It probably couldn’t hurt getting Arnold to come down to the ol’ ball field and give our team some inspiration. Lord knows we could use it when we’re hung-over at 8 in the morning on a random Sunday.

– Ryan

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