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Dave Chappelle Will Host #SNL For The First Time Ever Next Week


I must say, this choice came out of left field, but now Dave Chappelle is the host I never knew I needed. The master of sketch comedy from his days creating/writing/starring on Chappelle’s show should help him out a lot during his first ever hosting stint, but what I’m most excited for is some Dave Chappelle standup during his monologue. He’s one of the most beloved yet most mysterious stand up’s out there, and I’m very excited to see him host next weekend. Charlie Murphy’s E True Hollywood Stories sketch or we riot.


The King of Comedy is BACK, JACK!

Dave Chappelle is back! Last night he opened the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Tour in Austin

He opens with “I have terrible news for the audience……I don’t have any material.” He performed for 45 minutes with a set that was very personal and that addressed his absence from comedy.


All I can say is…welcome back Dave, we have missed you.



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