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Trailer Alert – Marvel’s The Defenders

Hold onto your butts…

Ok, THAT looks awesome. Having been slightly (putting it nicely) disapointed by Iron Fist, this is exactly what I needed for the MCNU (Marvel Cinematic Netflix Universe [I’ll bill you later, Marvel]) to pull me back in.


While I still think Danny Rand’s character is tone deaf, this trailer brings back all the positive emotions I have from these Marvel Netflix shows. Can’t wait for this to hit Netflix; this is going to be a one-day binge FOR SURE.



Trailer Alert – The Defenders

My body is ready.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for something that showed me so little. Granted, this isn’t really a trailer – more of a teaser, but it doesn’t make me any less excited for the 6th installment in the Marvel Netflix universe. My one wish for this series is a cameo from Frank Castle. Please and thank you. The Defenders drops on Netflix on August 18th.

Want a little more? Here’s the teaser from last year’s Comic-Con


Why Ben Affleck Being Batman Isn’t the End of the World – Although You Might Think it is.


Hot off the press! Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman in the upcoming movies. The social media realm has exploded with people very against the two-time Oscar winning film director/writer becoming the caped crusader. Personally, I think that we cashed in on a great actor that will help carry the franchise into The Justice League years. Anyone who thinks Ben Affleck shouldn’t be the next Batman needs to pump their brakes and understand the facts. Because Ben Affleck might not be the Batman we need, but he is the Batman we deserve:


Lets take a look at Affleck in recent years. The last three movies he directed were: Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo (Fuck yourself). A movie lineup as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. Do you agree? You have to agree. Argo won an Oscar and the other two were all mentioned during awards season. Not to mention, awards aside, I have never felt suspense like I did in Argo; and I knew how the story turned out! Stack those movies up and then remember that he wrote one of the best screen plays to ever hit the silver screen, Good Will Hunting (and won an Oscar for it). Affleck is a student of the film industry, the whole aspect. Acting, writing, directing. You name it, this guy has all the tools, and is constantly sharpening them.


But, no matter what happens in the coming months and years people will still compare him to his performance in Daredevil. Was Daredevil horrible? Of course it was. Before we start ripping big Ben, let me list a few movies for you. The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Hide and Seek, Arthur and the Invisibles, Stardust. Those are four consecutive movies that Robert De Niro made from 2004-2006. Our point is, when you do something long enough, you’re going to make a few stink bombs. Judging Affleck on Daredevil alone is like saying Alex Rodriguez had a great career before he took steroids. Big picture, people.


I have a feeling a majority of the people bashing Affleck are going to wonder why Christian Bale wasn’t brought back as the caped crusader. If you call yourself a fan of Batman and you legitimately think Christian Bale should continue being Batman then you are the first recipient of the “stupidest person in the world” award. Bale was the best Batman. Ever. But Christopher Nolan ended Bale’s reign perfectly, and in our eyes, his version of Batman should be sipping cappuccinos and banging Anne Hathaway until the end of the time. Plus, Bale’s version of Batman wouldn’t be a believable foe for Superman. “The Dark Knight” was an effective heroine because he battled people with evil intentions, not people with super powers. A movie with Bale’s Batman vs. any Superman villain would be too unbelievable, even by movie standards. Batman needed a fresh start, and Ben Affleck is the right guy for the job.


Congratulations Ben Affleck. You have resurrected your career and turned doubters into believers. You deserve the chance to play an iconic character, and if you find yourself having a sleepless night or two, picture Matt and Ryan kissing your forehead gently and lulling you to sleep. This, Is. Our. House.

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