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Trailer Alert – Daddy’s Home

Mark and Will are back!


If they have even an OUNCE of the chemistry they had in “The Other Guys” then this is going to be a cinematic masterpiece.


Anyone remember this from about 5 months back? Well this is the movie it was for.

Will Ferrell Knocked Out TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell With A Basketball At Last Night New Orleans Pelicans Game

If you’ve been on the internet today, there’s a solid chance you’ve seen this video, in which Will Ferrell throws a basketball at the face of a New Orleans Pelicans cheerleader during halftime of their game against the Lakers last night. For those who haven’t seen it, or saw it and thought Will Ferrell has finally lost it, the stunt was part of a scene for his new movie with Mark Wahlberg, Daddy’s Home. Thanks to the amazing people over at UPROXX, it turns out that the cheerleader who took the ball off the noggin’ and fell perfectly is none other than TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell. When I first saw the video, I wondered how an actress could take such a realistic bump, but now it all makes sense: that basketball off the skull is nothing compared to some of the shit Gail Kim has done to her in the past. If you don’t know who Taryn Terrell is, look her up, because she is pretty much the only reason I’ll watch TNA Impact.

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