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Trailer Alert – Joe 2 Dirt: Beautiful Loser

I don’t think the world was clamoring for a Joe Dirt sequel, but it is one of the most quotable movies ever, as well as one of the best good bad movies ever. It’s a stupid concept with a stupid character that somehow works because David Spade is pretty funny and Christopher Walken as a boner catching mobster will always be great. Joe Dirt 2 will only be available on Crackle, so you should probably find out how to use Crackle if you really want to see it. Also, the plot will supposedly involve time travel because of course it will.

– Ryan

Mullet-Heads Rejoice: The ‘Joe Dirt’ Sequel is Really Happening

Crapper TankDays after Adam Sandler and Happy Madison broke new ground with a four-picture Netflix deal, his pal David Spade and Happy Madison are making Joe Dirt 2 as the first digital sequel to a major studio film. The film is being done with Sony-based Crackle. Spade returns as the mullet-sporting moron title character, and he’s back with former Saturday Night Live writer Fred Wolf to co-write and be exec producers. Wolf steps up to direct this one. The original was released by Columbia Pictures.

Happy Madison produces and production starts mid-November on location in Louisiana, the backdrop for the original. The pic will be released next year on Crackle and all Crackle platforms. Said Spade: “I’m beyond stoked that Joe Dirt will finally hit the screens again on Crackle. I’ve been sleeping in this wig for years and it will be nice to wear it in the daytime again.”

My friends and I quote a lot of movies. A LOT. It’s getting to the point where I can’t really have a normal conversation with anyone else, because anything someone says can be related to a movie quote. Whether you love the movie Joe Dirt or not, it is one of the greatest movies to quote, period. It’s a classic Adam Sandler type movie, with a ridiculous plot and outrageous characters, but any time it’s on TV I find myself needing to keep watching it. Needless to say, I’m very excited for the sequel. While it won’t be in theatres, all you really need is a nice TV and an HDMI cord and you’re enjoying mullet jokes from the comfort of your own home. If Christopher Walken doesn’t return as Clern, I will be inconsolable.

– Ryan

Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee – Louie CK


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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld’s brainchild, is back! First on the list guests, Louie CK. Read the rest of this entry

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