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064 David Copperfield Exposed, Rumble Recap and Flamethrowers

Average Nobodies Podcast

for February 1, 2018.

On today’s show we’re chatting about what we’re watching, David Copperfield, last Sunday’s Royal Rumble, this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Elon Musk’s new flamethrower & the latest on Logan Paul. You can chat with us on Twitter, toss us a like on Facebook and heart all our pictures on Instagram. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

– @ryanfoges @mattfromri

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Brock Lesnar Has Officially Re-Signed With The WWE Ahead of WrestleMania 31

Safe to say this is the biggest news to come out of the WWE in quite some time, and was only magnified by the fact that it aired live on Sportscenter. If you missed it, Brock Lesnar was interviewed by longtime WWE fan and ESPN personality Michelle Beadle and he explained that his MMA career is over, but Sunday will not be the last time he fights inside a WWE ring. After I came down from cloud nine, I immediately when to Twitter and the wrestling community was going bonkers. Sites were shutting down due to overload of web traffic, people who haven’t tweeted in forever were losing their minds; Brock Lesnar, BRRROCKKK LESNAR, is staying with the WWE. Besides all the fantasy matchups that this signing could bring, the biggest short term affect will be on the main event of this Sunday’s WrestleMania. With Brock looking like he was headed out the door, it was all but certain that Roman Reigns would capture the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but now that Brock is back, that outcome is anything but certain. Brock himself said on Sportscenter that he will still have the belt after Sunday, and I can’t imagine anyone in that stadium cheering for Roman Reigns now. The only way I see the WWE putting the belt on Reigns is if they do a double switch, with Heyman turning on a now baby face Brock to align himself with the heel Reigns. If they do that, Reigns, who has all the qualities of a cocky heel, will turn bad guy and Brock, who is universally loved after this announcement, will be THE ultimate badass good guy. I cannot wait for Sunday!

– Ryan

Spider-Man, Finally, Joins The Marvel Universe & The State of the Superhero Genre


At long last Spider-Man will finally join the rest of the Marvel superheroes! Late last night Sony Pictures (owner of Spider-Man and Toby Maguire’s Soul) and Marvel Studios made a deal that will allow the web crawling fan favorite to join his fellow superheroes in the Marvel universe. Big news right? No…..HUGE NEWS. This will finally allows one of the most unique heroes to join up with The Avengers where he belongs.

Now on to some obvious questions about Spidey’s future. First and most prevalent being: Who will play the web-swinging mercenary? If I had to go with a knee jerk answer here I’d say keep Garfield as he has been a pleasant surprise as Peter Parker. If I am going to go out on a limb and try to guess who could play him i’d say maybe Ty Sheridan or another up-and-comer like that. Lets keep in mind that Spidey isn’t a large frame, so guys like Channing Tatum are out of luck for this casting call.

Next question: What does this do for the current Spider-Man franchise? Does it stop? The short answer, I would say, is no. It seems like the Sinister Six movie has been pushed back and not canceled so I am feeling like Andrew Garfield might still have a while left playing Peter Parker, which also supports him as my pick for the Marvel movie Spider-Man. You can’t have two different Spider-Men running around and shit. That isn’t right.

Lastly, i’m a big picture kind of guy, so after hearing of this news the first thing that came to mind was the other characters in the Sony Spider-Man universe to join him……..Carnage? VENOM?!

A man can dream, and dream I will.


Brandon Marshall Just Gained a New Fan And I Pledge Not to Draft Him in Fantasy So His Career Doesn’t End Horribly

Good for you, Brandon Marshall. Genuine good guy move right here, and I’m so impressed by this that I vow not to draft him in fantasy football this year. Two things happen to players I draft: they get hurt, or they suck so bad you kind of wished they were hurt. I won’t put that hex on you, Brandon. You’re welcome.

– Ryan

MJD Joins The Oakland Raiders in What I’m Calling “The Most Jaguar Move in History”



Apparently things have gotten so bad in MJD’s life that he felt the need to further bury his career by signing with Oakland. A 3-year deal with the Raiders? He might as well have signed his retirement form, if that is even a thing, if it isn’t then it’s like if he signed something like it. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. Can’t blame the guy though. The “Jaguar way”  has poisoned his mind. He is completely incapable of making a decision that will better his situation. The only player to ever escape Jacksonville’s grasp was Blaine Gabbert. He made it all the way west and is in a better place now. Maurice, I award you no points and may Al Davis have mercy on your soul.


CM Punk Took a Nose Dive On My Favorite Wrestlers List

CM_punkFor those of you not up on recent WWE happenings, CM Punk, the self proclaimed “best in the world”, has up and quit the WWE. Just straight walked out on operations the day after the Royal Rumble. Took his ball and went home, ala Stone Cold. No reason for it and, publicly, nobody has heard from him since. Past issues with Punk leads me to believe that he wasn’t happy with how the company was using him, and you know what, Punk? If that is the reason then you need to seriously reevaluate your situation. Between 2012 and 2013 nobody, and I mean nobody, was bigger in the WWE than CM Punk and his loud mouth manager, Paul Heyman. CM Punk owned the squared 3a6efa937abc88547391fe3ec2dd5879circle. Girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. Somehow he thought that changed in the past few months. Got news for ya, it didn’t. Go ahead and replay any WWE event since Punk’s departure. “CM Punk” chants can be heard throughout the night, and to be honest it is ruining some of the best programming WWE has put on in years. Fans need to realize this is the fault of the WWE. WWE didn’t show Punk the door, neither did they want to, Punk walked out all on his own. Say what you will about Batista’s win at the Rumble, but HHH and Vince, like always, have a pulse on whats going on with the WWE Universe.

From what is rumored, Vince has been meeting with Punk. Which is gracious on his part. I would have told Punk to go fuck himself. Punk fell way off my list after this stunt.


PS- What are you going to do? Go wrestle for TNA? Only a matter of time before you shoot a funeral home promo. That’s when you know you’ve hit pro-wrestling rock bottom.

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Cowboys Doing Cowboy Things: Sign Kicker Dan Bailey to 7 Year Extension

IRVING, Texas — Long known as a team that saw kickers as interchangeable pieces, the Dallas Cowboys have signed Dan Bailey to a seven-year deal, the team announced Thursday.

Bailey, who turns 26 in Sunday, was set to be a restricted free agent. His renegotiated deal runs through 2020.

The Cowboys were likely to use the second-round tender on Bailey worth $2.124 million before striking the long-term deal.

Signed as an undrafted free agent in 2011, Bailey has made 88 of 98 field goal attempts in his three seasons, missing just four kicks in the last two seasons. He made 28 of 30 tries in 2013, including six of seven from 50 yards or more. In his first two seasons Bailey made 5-of-9 attempts from 50-yards or more. He also had 57 touchbacks.

Bailey has kicked a franchise-record eight game-winning field goals since joining the Cowboys.

The only other time the Cowboys put a serious investment into a kicker came in 2006 when they signed Mik Vanderjagt to a three-year, $5.4 million deal that included a $2.5 million signing bonus. Vanderjagt was cut that season after poor form.

Since 2011, only Josh Scobee of the Jacksonville Jaguars has a better percentage than Bailey (91.0 to 90.8). Justin Tucker has made 68 of 74 attempts in 2012-13.

With 11 more made attempts, Bailey would qualify for the all-time percentage leader. Vanderjagt is currently the most active kicker in NFL history, converting 86.5% of his kicks.


Because THAT’S the problem. You haven’t been good in so long because your kicker didn’t have a long enough deal. Bravo, JJ. The funny thing is Dan Bailey is actually a great kicker, but when you have a chance to knock Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, you take it. And unless Dan Bailey becomes the first human in history to stop Tony Romo from doing Tony Romo things, the Cowboys will miss out on the playoffs with a week 17 loss yet again next year.

– Ryan

SWEET SUGAR: The NFL and Google are About to Have a Love Child


In the least surprising news of the week, as DirecTV’s rights to the vaunted NFL Sunday Ticket package come close to their 2014 expiration date, rumors of who else may bid for them are starting and Google is right at the top. According toAllThingsD, league officials met with the internet giant today and among many topics, the package of rights to air all of the league’s games to out of market viewers came up. As suggested, the folks in Mountain View (and several other companies we can all think of) can certainly afford the reported $1 billion DirecTV has been paying — and YouTube has already shelled out to stream sports in the USand around the world — but whether or not the NFL would actually sell to them is still in question. -Engadget

From what I am reading on the matter, this is a bit of a long shot. It seems that the NFL will again renew its contract with the satellite company DirectTV in 2014. But imagine, just imagine, what watching the NFL would be like under Google’s control? I’m talking streaming from YouTube, tablets, smartphones, and any other device that can get its grubby little antenna on the internet. This would be a total game changer for the NFL and America. More people around the US would see the games they wanted to see, and for me that means watching my Bucs from RI! Like I said, don’t get your hopes up, because they are probably renewing with DirectTV, but you never know, Google has surprised us before.


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