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Michael J. Fox Joined Coldplay For A Live Performance Of Johnny B. Goode

Coldplay performed at MetLife Stadium over the weekend, and look who decided to stop by to bring some Back to the Future nostalgia to the masses. If you’re not a fan of Back to the Future or Michael J. Fox you’re an evil, awful human being, and that is an undisputable fact. Granted I once sat in a movie theatre for over 8 hours straight watching all three BTTF movies, but that’s besides the point. You show me a video of Michael J. Fox playing the guitar while Coldplay sings Johnny B. Goode and I will watch that video 1,000 out of 1,000 times.


Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Dancing On Billy Joel’s Piano During ‘Uptown Girl’ Is The Happiest Video Ever

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the best kind of best friends. They’re obviously a lot of fun, but they’re also super rich celebrities, which is the best of both worlds. When Matt and I went to see Billy Joel at MSG, we sat about as far away as possible. It was an incredible show, but I’m assuming if we tried to get on stage and stand on Billy Joel’s piano that 1. the piano would break and 2. we’d be arrested. But when Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence do it, it’s accepted and adored. I wish I was a part of it, because this honestly might be the happiest video of all time. Imagine getting to hang onstage with Billy Joel while he plays ‘Uptown Girl’? A guy can dream.


Jimmy Fallon Joined U2 On Stage At MSG To Sing ‘Mysterious Ways’ & ‘Desire’, Has The Best Life In The World

Jimmy Fallon continues to live the best life of all time, as he joined U2 on stage at their Madison Square Garden show to sing a couple songs and be entertaining as all hell. Anyone who has watched a second of his stint of host of ‘The Tonight Show’ knows how musically talented he is, and he seems to amp it up a little when he’s able to play off people as gifted as U2. This was awesome, and the crowd at MSG got an extra special treat that they’ll probably never forget.

– Ryan

This Dad’s Dance Moves Are Absolutely Off The Charts

This guy breaks it down like very few have broke it down before. The only concerning thing is that there doesn’t appear to be a kid anywhere around him. Hopefully he didn’t go to this concert by himself, because that’s a little odd. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, he probably brought his daughter to this concert and just decided to dance his dick off. Good for him. My only critique: lose the twirl.


– Ryan

Dave Grohl Played His DC Concert From Atop A Throne Because He’s A Beautiful Monster

Dave Grohl wasn’t going to let a little broken leg get in the way of a good time. He drew up his own blueprints for a throne and just like that, the coolest guy in music got that much cooler. I had a few friends who attended the concert and it was non surprisingly awesome, and I’m sure seeing King Dave come out on a throne made the night even better. All hail King Dave!

– Ryan

The Smartest Kid In The World Only Stops Crying When He’s Nestled In Nikki Minaj’s Boobs

A+ effort here. It’s a ballsy move that pays off and you can see it all in this kids’ face. He’s balling his eyes out and whispers something to Nicki Minaj, so she gently lays his head in her boobs and that frown turns upside in a goddamn millisecond. That’s the beauty of little kids. If I go onstage and start crying and ask for that I’m a weirdo. But this little kid does it and he’s the man. It’s not fair, but I respect the hell out of it. Nikki Minaj’s cleavage seems like a wonderful place to be.

– Ryan

In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love Paul McCartney, Here He Is Helping A Couple Propose Onstage

When I’m 64During his second encore, he brought a couple from Rochester onstage after the woman held up a sign saying her boyfriend wouldn’t marry her until he met McCartney. After the man led the audience in a verse of “When I’m 64” to honor his age, he went to his knees and successfully proposed.

“And he booked us for the wedding,” McCartney joked.


Paul McCartney being the coolest guy in the room once again. Just a sweetheart move bringing this couple on stage so the guy could propose. Also, this guy is kind of demanding. I feel like refusing to marry someone until you meet Paul McCartney is a very ballsy move. It’s not like your saying I won’t marry you until you buy me a new pair of shoes, or until make me that chicken parm dinner I like. Paul McCartney seems like a busy man. Might be doing a few concerts here and there. Lives in an entirely different country. But somehow this guy pulled it off, mostly due to Paul McCartney being one of the coolest people in the entire world. Kudos to the happy couple.

– Ryan


In Honor of Seeing Billy Joel at MSG Tonight, Here Are My 5 Favorite Billy Joel Songs

I easily could have made this into a top 25 list, but 25 is a high number. In no particular order…

1. She’s Always a Woman

If you can’t woo a woman with this song, then you’re a moron.

2. Downeaster Alexa

The only good part about the Hangover 2 was this song. Fact.

3. We Didn’t Start The Fire

Only William Joel could jam out and teach you world history at the same time.

4. For The Longest Time

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa for the longest time.

5. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Billy Joel is such a visual singer, he paints a picture with this lyrics and tells a story better than almost anyone. Songs like Piano Man and Scenes From An Italian Restaurant make you feel like you’re at the bar while he’s playing piano or eating in an Italian resturant somewhere. He’s the master. I can’t wait for his sweet music to make love to my ears tonight.

– Ryan

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