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Conan O’Brien Gave A Heartfelt Farewell To Garry Shandling On Last Night’s Show

You don’t tend to think of Conan as an old school late night host, but he’s been doing it for 23 years now. In those 23 years, he’s had the chance to meet a lot of funny people, but it was clear from last night that Garry Shandling was someone he really enjoyed being around. Conan dedicated his entire monologue to Shandling, the comic, writer, producer and actor who died yesterday at the age of 66. For my generation, Shandling might not have been the most famous or noteworthy comic (his second show ended when I was 10), but if you look around you’ll notice he has influenced a lot of things we love. Have you ever enjoyed a Judd Apatow movie? Well in part you have Shandling to thank for that, who gave Judd his first big break as a writer on ‘The Larry Sanders Show’. There’s a realness to most Apatow comedies that make them different, and a lot has to do with the things he learned from his mentor. Do you enjoy Ricky Gervais, or Michael Scott? The characters and shows created by Gervais were inspired by Shandling’s Larry Sanders, characters that made you cringe and want to look away, but you couldn’t stop watching the train wreck. Those characters show us the sides of ourselves that we may not admit to publicly, but we watch them because deep down we know they’re apart of us too.



Conan O’Brien’s ‘Mad Max’ Entrance To His Show From San Diego Comic Con Was Glorious

Conan, Andy and the Basic Cable Band went on a little road trip to San Diego for the annual Comic Con, and they arrived in style. Mad Max style, to be more specific. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve watched the trailers enough (approximately 1500 times) to know that this was pretty spot on. Conan playing the flaming guitar, Andy driving the hell on wheel mobile and the band playing the war drums were all awesome. I’ve never seen Conan live, but I have to believe he puts on a hell of a show, or else he wouldn’t be going on three decades as a host. He may not get all the fan fare of a Jimmy Fallon or soon to be Late Night host Stephen Colbert, but Conan is still delivering after all these years.

– Ryan

Watch Conan get Smashed in Halo 5, Complements of Pied Piper.

Conan Gets Smashed in Halo 5 by The Cast of Silicon Valley in the Newest Edition of “Clueless Gamer”

I don’t think anything can beat Gronk and Beast Mode playing Mortal Combat, but this might be a close second. I’m not sure I would have taken Conan’s $500 bribe. That’s a selfish move by Tom Middleditch,


New Jam Alert – “American You” by Yelawolf

Yelawolf is back on my radar with this new jam off his new album “Love story”

Back when I first heard Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik I thought this guy could be someone great. He had a very distinct voice and that white rapper chip on his shoulder that Eminem first had way back during the MMLP days. His music was dark, deep, and flowed well. Fast forward to 2015 and he has a new album, “Love Story”. I didn’t even know Yelawolf had a new album out until I watched Conan last night and Yela was on performing. He performed ‘American You’ and I was blown away. Same voice, different beat. Oh and did I mention that this song features the incomparable Travis Barker on drums?


Jean-Claude Van Damme Busted Out His ‘Kickboxer’ Dance Moves On Conan

If you’ve never seen ‘Kickboxer’, it’s one of those glorious 80s action movies that get better with age. The basic plot is that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s brother get’s paralyzed by a Thailand kickboxing champion and the Muscles from Brussels must AVENGE HIM. It’s awesome, and Van Damme is a machine in this movie. There’s also a weird dancing scene in the bar that makes no sense but at the same time makes all the sense in the world. Van Damme dances with a couple ladies and does a split, which enrages a bar patron and forces him to make the greatest mistake of his life. Van Damme beats up the guy while still doing a split and my eyes explode with joy. Van Damme was recently on Conan, and the Muscles from Boston got Jean-Claude to recreate that famous dance scene, including the part where he beats up the bar patrons. He doesn’t recreate the split, but it’s still wonderful. I also think I subconsciously stole my dance moves from this scene, because while he was dancing I thought to myself “this looks AWFULLY familiar”.

– Ryan

Adam Sandler Was on ‘Conan’ Last Night & Told A Pretty Epic Michael Keaton Story

Adam Sandler has been on fire lately, and his string of funny appearances continued last night when he visited Conan. Between this story, the SNL 40 digital short and the Bob Barker skit, he’s had a solid couple of weeks. This story is great for so many reasons, but none more than pulling the Batman trump card. Only a handful of people have ever portrayed Batman, so if those people are ever in an argument, especially over who should pay the bill, the Batman card trumps everything. That might be the most powerful trump card in the game. I can picture Keaton or Clooney or Christian Bale arguing with their friends about where they should go on a Friday night, and after all their friends pick their spot, they jump in with the ‘I’m Batman’ trump card and it’s settled. Actually, that probably doesn’t happen. Everybody knows Clooney has fancy naked parties at his house in Lake Como. Anyway, we didn’t need another reason to love Michael Keaton, but he just gave us one.

– Ryan

Marshawn Lynch & Gronk Playing Video Games With Conan Makes Me Want All Three Of Them To Be Best Friends

This is incredible on so many levels. Conan is the best late night host, whether it’s monologue or just hanging with athletes or celebrities.

  • Gronk and Marshawn Lynch need to immediately become best friends and real life and have some kind of reality show where they play video games all day. Invite Conan over on the weekends to drink beer and watch TV and eat life size bags of skittles.
  • Watching Gronk in this video made me realize I’ve never seen him in front of a camera where he knows what’s going on. He has a constant ‘deer in the headlights’ look that accompanies him everywhere except on the football field.
  • Conan’s touchdown celebration is all time.
  • Gronk and Marshawn not knowing what Lipitor is, and Gronk thinking it’s Viagra is the most believable thing in the world.
  • 11 minute is way too short of a segment with these three. I demand a part two!

– Ryan

Conan Supercut of 2014

Happy Wednesday! Since our podcast is officially on the iTunes store now I figured I would celebrate by giving back to you! Here is a supercut of Conan in 2014. I had Conan whip this up this morning. NBD.



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