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Tom Brady Attempted To Have The Final Say On Deflate Gate In A New Foot Locker Commercial

If someone were to take a bet and try and pick the company who would be able to get Tom Brady to address Deflate Gate publicly, I have to imagine Foot Locker would be very low on the list. They might not have even been on the list, but here they are, getting Brady to address the controversy front and center in a new commercial. I honestly love everything about this. Brady is notoriously secretive, so for him to go out and do this means this entire thing was eating away at him more than we knew. Secondly, good for Tom Brady. The NFL is so up it’s own ass about everything it does that it deserves to get called out from time to time. In the end, deflate gate is going to hurt the NFL a lot more than it’s going to hurt Tom Brady. Anybody with half a brain already knows that Brady is the greatest (or second greatest) QB of all time, and the only people who use deflate gate against him are sore losers or former players who wish they were half as good as he is. The NFL, on the other hand, lost one of it’s great ambassadors for the game, at a time when everything around them is crumbling, including TV ratings. Brady 100 – NFL 0.


Watch ‘Name’, The NHL’s Stanley Cup Commercial That Will Blow You Away (Literally. Like Wind)

The NHL is consistently the best at commercials that both chronicle their history and show the importance of the series that’s about to be played. While a lot of other sports have “sold out”, Lord Stanley’s Cup is still as prestigious as was when it was first introduced. Search any Stanley Cup playoff commercial and I guarantee you you’ll get goose bumps. I don’t even like hockey and I think this commercial is awesome. Also Liev Schreiber should probably narrate every video ever. He dominated 24/7 on HBO, and he dominates in this commercial as well.

Liam Neeson Teams up With Clash of Clans and Brings an Awesome Superbowl Commercial Straight to my Eye Balls

I would like to start by saying that if I wasn’t already playing Clash of Clans 5 hours a day I would have started last night because of THIS commercial. Bravo by the people at Clash of Clans getting the person that can perfectly describe how i’m feeling when I get a notification saying someone has destroyed my village. Revenge is a dish best served by Liam Neeson.


If Nick Offerman & His Mustache Want Me To Watch NASCAR Then I’m Going To Watch NASCAR

The more I see Nick Offerman outside of Parks & Rec the more I think that Ron Swanson is not a character. I’m pretty sure that Nick Offerman just shows up on set and they call him by a different name. Monsieur Offerman is now the face of NASCAR on NBC Sports, and as the title of this post suggests, if he and his beautiful mustache want me to start watching NASCAR then I am all sorts of in. My friends have already talked about this summer being the ‘Summer of NASCAR’ (my words not theirs) and I used to go watch the races at New Hampshire every year so this commercial just puts it over the top for me. Any sport that challenges you to drink as many beers as you can while seated has my support. In the words of Nick Offerman, ‘Sure everybody in NASCAR gets a trophy, as long as they win the fucking race’. Pure poetry.

– Ryan

Warren Sapp Dresses Like a Pirate in Bud Light’s New “Up For Whatever” Commercial

I have a number of things to say about this commercial, but before I do let me show you something.


For those of you who do not know, this is the face of the Buccaneers franchise. The man who got us our first win against a very hostile team in a very hostile environment. This is Mike Glennon, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Send McCown back to the toilet store!

I digress.

This commercial is awesome in so many ways. If I ever came home from the beer store to find my living room and backyard had been transformed into a pirate themed wonderland I would lose my mind. My neighbors would hate me, because I would fire those cannons 24/7, but it would be totally worth it. Warren Sapp hasn’t been on TV for very many good things lately so this is a nice change of pace for the hall of famer (who dresses up like a pirate better than anyone I have ever seen). Maybe Disney should contact him for a “Pirates of the Caribbean” reboot. Bill Paxton knows he needs the money.





Brand New “Stupid Sayings” Videos Have Arrived!






Wacky Wednesday – Squand

Ok, who remembers this stuff?!

“One of the best sand toys ever created”……Wait, how many sand toys could there have possibly been? I feel like there is sand and then there is Squand, that’s it.


The Outtakes From Gary Busey’s Amazon Fire Commercial Are As Insane As You’d Expect

Gary Busey is one of kind. He’s clearly lost his mind but at this point in his life he’s no longer fighting it. He’s going to scream at the ocean and talk to a dead fish and have a conversation wth a lamp because that’s how Gary Busey rolls. I still don’t udnerstand why Amazon used him to promote their product but I blog from my parent’s basement and they run a multi billion dollar website so I guess we’ll just have to trust them.

– Ryan

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