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Colts Punter Pat McAfee Has Retired From The NFL To Join Barstool Sports #OwnTheMoon


In case you’ve been living under a combination of sticks and moss (living under a rock is overused) Barstool Sports has been dominating late night television this week with The Rundown on Comedy Central. It’s a condensed version of their usual podcast featuring El Pres, KFC & Big Cat, and if you haven’t checked out the podcast or the three episodes that aired on CC this week then you’re really missing out. They can be a little over the top but they’re funny, and I think we could all use a little funny right now. While the first two nights were relatively calm, last night they dropped a bombshell: 29 year old Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee simultaneously announced his retirement and that he’d be joining Barstool in an exclusive press conference. They were hyping a huge announcement all day on social media with the hashtag ‘own the moon’, but nobody had any idea what it was. I wouldn’t have been able to guess an active NFL punter was joining their team in my wildest dreams. Barstool is becoming a legit powerhouse in the media because of their work ethic and constant content, and if they’re able to continue to add professional athletes to their team, they might actually end up owning the moon.


Steve Rannazzisi (Kevin From ‘The League’) Made A Bizarre Confession On Twitter This Morning






He goes on for a couple more tweets, but you get the gist. The weirdest thing about this whole thing is I’ve never even heard this story. Apparently it originated in a 2009 interview with Marc Maron, and just kind of snowballed from there. The admission comes 5 days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11, and I have to imagine this is going to negatively impact his career. He’s been one of the stars on ‘The League’ for 7 seasons (the second episode of the 7th season airs tonight), is the new face of Buffalo Wild Wings and has a new Comedy Central special coming out this Saturday, so the timing couldn’t have been worse. I don’t feel bad for a guy who blatantly lied about being part of one of America’s biggest tragedies, but I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around this entire thing. Why lie unprovoked about something like this? Hopefully more comes out about this situation, but for now, it’s just disappointing confusion.


Jon Stewart Finally Showed Up On Raw Last Night & Cut One Hell Of A Promo On Seth Rollins

The ‘5 Stars of Raw’ post is coming out later, but I wanted to make sure I got Jon Stewart’s interaction with Seth Rollins out there first. Last night on Raw, Seth Rollins hosted his version of The Daily Show, which brought out Stewart to confront Rollins and defend his own honor. What followed was a promo by a superb public speaker who also has a deep respect and knowledge for the history of pro wrestling. This was not a promo written by the WWE writers so Stewart could sound smart and name drop some Hall of Famers. This was a promo by an admitted wrestling fan who is just a very passionate guy, and it showed last night. The best part of this entire segment is it furthered Rollins’ character development. Stewart never made Rollins look ‘bad’. He just pointed out how much a weasel he is, and although he’s a gifted athlete and one hell of a wrestler, he took the easy way out and joined The Authority to further his own career. In other words, he’s a very good wrestling bad guy. I loved every second of this, and if Jon Stewart ever decides he wants to come back on Raw, the WWE should welcome him back with open arms.

– Ryan

Last Week’s ‘A Visit From Val’ Scene Will One Day Be In The Broad City Hall Of Fame

I meant to blog this last week after I watched the latest episode of ‘Broad City’, but somehow I forgot until I stumbled across this clip again today. I don’t know how many times I can write gushy, wonderful things about this show, but every week it gets better, and now that we’ve been introduced to Abbi’s blackout alter ego I want to see her come back again and again. I also love that the show continues to explore Abbi’s wild side, and I love it for two reasons: Ilana is a wild child and that’s already been established and Ilana’s reaction to Abbi’s crazy antics in this scene and the wisdom teeth episode are what make them the best friendship on television. Universal love at its finest.

– Ryan

Our Favorite Twitter Reponses to Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart leaving ‘The Daily Show’ was going to be tough whenever it happened, but losing him around the same time as Colbert and Letterman really shakes up the late night TV hierarchy. Colbert will be taking over for Letterman, but it won’t be the Colbert we all love and remember. Naturally when something like this happens, we turn to Twitter for the most thought out and rational responses. Take it away, tweeters.

This is actually beautiful. Well said, Solitary Refinement (if that’s your real name).

Shhh Eric, BuzzFeed can hear you. It hears everything at all times.

We feel your pain, Karl. But have no fear, he’ll be back someday.

Whoever had 50-1 odds on the Jamie Lee Curtis movie reference/Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show just won a shitload of money.

I mean, why not?

Oh god. Please no. Don’t leave us Jon!

– Ryan

Nose, Vagina, Butthole: ‘Broad City’ Has Been Renewed For A Third Season

WOOFAhead of tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Broad City, Comedy Central said today that it wants more. The cable net has ordered a third season of the odd-couple comedy created by and starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, based on their digital series. They play flawed and broke twentysomethings in New York who navigate their way through life’s minutiae and constantly meet the challenges the Big City throws at them, no matter how bad it gets. Hannibal Buress, Arturo Castro, Paul Downs, John Gemberling, Chris Gethard and Stephen Schneider co-star. “It has just been brought to my attention that Broad City is a female-centric show, but we’re going to do more anyway,” said Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s President of Content Development and Original Programming.

happy animated GIF

Comedy Central coming in HOTT on hump day to announce some wonderful news. If you don’t watch Broad City, you should, and I’ve already written at length about my love for the two main characters, Abbi and Ilana. Whenever a show gets picked up for a third season before the second season even premieres, it’s a good sign that the network has a lot of faith in the show. The show is edgy, insane, and makes you want the kind of friendship Abbi and Ilana have more than any other friendship you’ve ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and check out the second season premiere tonight, unless you don’t like happiness. If you don’t like happiness you probably won’t enjoy this show.

– Ryan

The ‘Colbert Report’ Ended It’s Magical Run Last Night With A Song & Basically Every Guest It’s Ever Had

Stephen Colbert, like Jon Stewart before him, changed the way we viewed the news. Before guys like Stewart and Colbert, the news was portrayed in two ways: the gloomy, depressing approach that local and national nightly shows took or the jokey, light hearted approach that late night talk show hosts used. Stewart and Colbert were able to combine these two approaches into a thirty minute TV show that never, ever disappointed. It was an intellectual discussion on politics and world events mixed with the best writing staffs on television. What other show could feature the host having a discussion with Smaug on one show and then the next night have Henry Kissinger sitting in the same chair talking politics? Colbert the person will be heading to take over for David Letterman on CBS, but Colbert the character will always be remembered for making the news fun while still staying smart and informative. He influenced a generation of people for the better, and that’s not something that no one will ever be able to deny. Last night his run ended, as Randy Newman, Jon Stewart, and what seemed like every guest Colbert has ever had on his show showed up to send him off in style. While Colbert the character will be missed, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on Late Night. Farwell, Stephen Colbert. We’ll meet again some sunny day (in September).

– Ryan

P.S. The only other song I would’ve accepted here? Short people:

Titty Chips & White Power Suits: Broad City Season 2 Teaser Trailer

I can’t wait for this show to come back. If you’ve never seen season 1 of Broad City on Comedy Central or their web series, you are missing out. Season 2 premiers in January, so there’s still time to catch up, and believe me, you’ll fall in love. Their web series took off and caught the eye of Amy Poehler, who helped executive produce season 1 and guest starred in the season finale. Season 1 was so awesome that Comedy Central picked them up for Season 2, and they’re already getting guest stars like Seth Rogen. Now all I want are titty chips and white power suits.

– Ryan

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