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The Undertaker is Winning My March Madness Pool

We talk WrestleMania, March Madness and wood sanding techniques!

– The Average Nobodies

Alabama Fans Really Love Their Football But Apparently Can’t Be Bothered to Watch Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a simple, straightforward game. A contestant spins a wheel, asks for a letter, solves the puzzle, wins money. It’s a high-end version of Hangman, basically. So of course an Alabama fan screwed it up. Of course.



This is mind boggling. You go through the trouble of having this shirt created because of Roll Tide or whatever, yet you don’t take the time to actually figure out how Wheel of Fortune actually works? It’s a great premise, using a popular game show to humiliate your hated rival. Except now Alabama fans looks mighty dumb. Plus who ends their word on a vowel? You always pick vowels first. Day one stuff. And if you’re going to pick a popular pop culture game show and put it a on a t-shirt, you best make sure you’re doing it right. The internet was invented so people could tear whoever created this t-shirt to shreds. Tear away.

– Ryan

P.S. If you read the title of the article out loud you really have to drag out “apparently”. Noah Ritter would be proud.


Coke’s “Ice Breaker” Cap Isn’t as Clever As They Think

Why doesn’t someone just grab two bottles? Very clever, Coke, but not on my watch. Oh it’s not a trick? Maybe that’s why I don’t have any friends, i’m just too smart…yeah that’s it, too smart.





In all seriousness, cool idea by Coke.


Frank Carpano Might Have the Best Reporter Warmup Routine in the Game Today

Rhode Island’s finest, everybody. That’s how the true pro’s get ready for live TV. Thumb to the face and tongue sticking it out like it ain’t no thang. I’m not 100% sure that we can rule out a stroke, but if it wasn’t then Frank needs to work on his game face. I know a Rhode Island college basketball team hasn’t been THIS good in awhile, but that’s no excuse. You’re better than this, Frank. Lock it up.

– Ryan

H/T Uproxx

Champion Baptist College Did Not Have the Best Night Last Night

Photo of the final score via @SUJagAlum

Source – In three previous games against Division I competition this season, Champion Baptist College lost by 54 to Southeastern Louisiana, by 60 to Mississippi Valley State and by 63 to New Orleans.

Somehow, someway, on Monday night, it got worse. Much worse.

In a 116-12 loss at Southern, Champion Baptist didn’t score its first point until nearly 15 minutes into the first half.

It was 44-0 by the time Kris Connor sank a pair of free throws to get Champion Baptist on the scoreboard with 5:10 left before halftime. It was 52-2 by the time Zach Hendricks hit a jump shot to give Champion Baptist its first field goal a few minutes later. And it just kept getting worse and worse in the second half, the lead finally ballooning to over 100 on a Frank Snow layup with 2:52 remaining.

Southern’s 44-0 start broke the record for the longest scoring run to start a game in Division I basketball history. It was only the fifth time a game involving a Division I team was decided by 100 or more points, but it didn’t come close to approaching the record set by Long Island when it defeated Medgar Evers 179-62 in 1992.

It’s remarkable that Southern was the team to set such a record considering the Jaguars aren’t exactly Top 25 material. They won the SWAC tournament last season to qualify for the NCAA tournament, but they entered Monday’s game with a 3-9 record that included a 26-point loss at top-ranked Arizona and a 25-point loss at No. 12 Baylor this month.

Never a fun time when you’re losing by over 100 points. Just really takes the life out of you. It seems like the season as a whole has been pretty depressing. They’ve lost by 50 points four times this year. They lost last night BY 104 POINTS. It’s not like you can say they had a bad defensive game and got blown out 220-116. You had an entire game to score points and you ended up with 12. 12 points. How is that even possible? I feel like I could start a team with 9 of my hungover, out of shape friends and we’d still manage to put up more than 12 points. The odds of a team giving up 116 points and only scoring 12 are astronomical. I think it’s time Champion Baptist chalks up this season as a loss and goes to a Division where they can play against horrible, horrible teams such as themselves.

– Ryan

Notre Dame and Boston College Football Are Coming Back to Fenway!

Source – The Notre Dame leprechaun gets to dance an Irish jig in the shadow of the Green Monster as the Fighting Irish announced they’ll be playing Boston College at Fenway Park in 2015.

The Irish, who released their schedules for 2014-16 on Friday, will be visiting one of America’s classic ballparks as part of their Shamrock Series, which will also be taking the team to Indianapolis (2014) and the Alamodome in San Antonio (2016).

Fenway Park will host its first football game since 1968 when Notre Dame takes on Boston College in 2015, it was announced Friday.


Notre Dame’s night game at the home of the Boston Red Sox on Nov. 21, 2015, is the most noteworthy of the 36 games released Friday.

It will be the first football game at Fenway since Dec. 1, 1968, when the NFL’s Boston Patriots played their final game there after five years. Boston College played its home games at Fenway Park from 1914-56. 

“The City of Boston will be ready to welcome Fighting Irish and Eagles fans alike when Fenway brings this historic rivalry to one of our most beloved landmarks in 2015,” mayor Thomas M. Menino said. “I’m looking forward to a memorable weekend that puts Boston, and all the great things our city has to offer, in the national spotlight.”

Fenway Park will be the latest historical ballpark to play host to football. Chicago’s Wrigley Field hosted a Northwestern-Illinois matchup in 2010 and has announced an agreement for at least five future games, and Yankee Stadium has hosted the Pinstripe Bowl since 2010. 

Notre Dame will return to Boston in 2017 to play B.C. at Alumni Stadium.

The Irish’s other Shamrock Series games — the title given to their annual off-site home game in metropolitan areas — will be against Army at the Alamodome in San Antonio on Nov. 12, 2016.

It had been announced Thursday that the Irish will face Purdue at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium on Sept. 13, 2014.

Notre Dame’s final scheduled game against rival Michigan will be a night kickoff, on Sept. 6, 2014.


What a Friday. First we got Rob Ford dancing his fat ass off and now Notre Dame announces that it will play at Fenway Park next November. I need to get tickets to this. There is nothing better than going to Fenway on a cold October night to watch baseball. Watching football on a cold November night must be even better. There’s something special about Fenway in the late fall. Hopefully I can mortgage my parents house and somehow get a few seats for what is sure to be an awesome night of football.

– Ryan

This Oklahoma State Fan Knows How to Celebrate

A few half-hearted waves to keep up appearances, then it’s time to get down to the real reason you’re at the game: devouring that turkey leg.

– Ryan

(via Deadspin)

Northwestern is Dominating the College Football Jersey Scene


I’ve never needed something more in my life. These jerseys are everything we love about America: football, flags and excess.

– Ryan

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