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Your Average University of South Carolina Gamecocks Preview

South Carolina Gamecocks

It’s almost September, which means two things: the NFL season is right on our heels and college football is even closer. As a graduate of URI, college football is a foreign language to me. For reference, during my Junior year the Rams won their opening game and then proceeded to lose their final 10 games. They opened my senior year by losing their first two games and finished that two year stretch with an superb record of 6-16. That incredibly sad story brings me to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

I’m an adopted fan of the Gamecocks thanks to my wife’s undying allegiance to her Alma Mater, so let’s take a look at their 2019 season.

South Carolina Gamecocks

In the latest Coaches/AP polls, the SEC has an impressive 6 teams in the top 25, including four (Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida) in the top 10. The Gamecocks have a very tough schedule as they will play against four of those 6 teams (at Georgia and Texas A&M, at home against Alabama and Florida) while also battling the current #1 Team That Shall Not Be Named to finish off the season.

If the Gamecocks lose all five of those games to their ranked opponents, they would finish 7-5 in the regular season for the second straight year. The 2018 Gamecocks were detrimentally consistent, trading wins and losses for the first six weeks before beating Tennessee and Ole Miss in consecutive games. They went on to trade wins and losses the rest of the way, ending the season with a 28-0 loss to Virginia in the prestigious Belk Bowl.

USC Gamecocks
South Carolina Gamecocks

One huge advantage for the Gamecocks this year is that I will not be attending a home game. The Cock’s are 0-3 when I attend a game and it’s gotten to the point where my friends are starting to rethink inviting me down to a game ever again. Beyond that, the key to the Gamecocks offense will be a consistent rushing attack and far fewer turnovers for QB Jake Bentley.

In the Belk Bowl loss to Virginia, the Gamecocks rushed for less than 50 yards while Bentley completed 43% of his passes, threw zero touchdowns and 2 interceptions. That’s…not great. Bentley will be back for his senior year where you have to believe he’ll improve upon his SEC leading 14 interceptions from last year. A big part of that improvement will take place off the field, as Bentley explained a few days ago.

Another improvement on the offensive side could come from right down the road in South Carolina. Tavien Feaster transferred to the Gamecocks from the The Team That Shall Be Named and has added some much needed depth to the running back position alongside Rico Dowdle and Mon Denson. While it’s too early to predict who will be the lead back, adding Feaster should ensure that another Belk Bowl performance doesn’t happen, which should at least keep the Gamecocks in most games this year.

USC Gamecocks
South Carolina Gamecocks

Regardless of how well Bentley and the offense do, the defense will need to make some stops to keep the Gamecocks afloat. Most preseason reports are glowing for the front four of the Gamecocks, and they’ll need to put a lot of pressure on opposing QB’s to help out their secondary. The Gamecocks forced 6 interceptions last year, but half of those were by cornerback Rashad Fenton who graduated last spring. Turnovers and constant pressure will be the key for Will Muschamp’s defense, especially against the top seeded teams. If the defense can force teams into turnovers, Bentley and the improved rushing attack might give the Gamecocks a season to remember.

Everyone loves their team in August, but how will they look in December and January? The “cautiosly optimistic” Gamecock prediction I received from handsome Gamecock fan Tom Coughlin was 9-3. If you don’t believe in your team, who will? If the Cock’s go 9-3, they would have to upset two of their five ranked opponents (Alabama, Georgia, A&M, Florida and The Team That Shall Not Be Named) and beat Kentucky for the first time since 2013. Can it happen? I hope so. Will it happen? Time will tell.

My prediction with this ridiculously tough schedule is the Gamecocks win all the games they’re supposed to, finally vanquish Kentucky but fall to all the ranked teams. Not a bold prediction, but a 7-5 season where your five loses are all to ranked teams (including the preseason 1-3) would be a huge win for South Carolina.


ICYMI – Here’s The Gorgeous Onside Kick That Helped Alabama Win The National Championship

Watching this live, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. An onside pooch kick in the 4th quarter of a tie game with the National Championship on the line? Just completely unreal. Nick Saban is indeed an evil genius, and the Alabama kicker, who missed a field goal earlier in the game, deserves a heap of praise for executing that so perfectly. With Clemson’s high powered offense coming into this game on fire, you knew Saban was going to have to pull out some tricks to this win this one, and that’s exactly what he did. Congrats to Alabama.

FYI Jim Harbaugh Is Still Insane

God damnit do I miss this guy. I can’t picture a scenario where he needs to be shirtless at a football camp but that’s the beauty of Jim Harbaugh. He is a dangerously insane human being with the mind of an elite football coach. There’s nobody else like him, and I’d be shocked if Michigan wasn’t anything but great this year. Shine on you crazy diamond.

– Ryan

Tim Tebow Is An NFL Player Again & The Eagles QB Situation Is Frighteningly Awful

PrayReports that the Philadelphia Eagles are about to sign Tim Tebow raise a host of questions: How will Tebow fare after two years away from the game? What role does Coach Chip Kelly have in mind for him? Will he be embraced by the tough fans?

But the most conspicuous is this: Just how many quarterbacks do the Eagles need?

It is one thing to stockpile receivers or defensive backs. But teams can use only one quarterback at a time, and sometimes having even two candidates for starter can lead to a controversy that eats up a team. Now the Eagles have five quarterbacks, three of whom have started N.F.L. games.

But in another twist, precisely zero of the five could be considered proven, successful N.F.L. starters.


I’m not sure what Chip Kelly’s strategy is going to be here, but he seems to have dug himself quite a hole. I know he got Demarco Murray, but a quarterback depth chart with Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow is what opposing defenses call lunch time. Bradford’s been a bust due to injuries for his entire career, and there’s no reason to think he won’t just get hurt again when he plays for the Eagles. Mark Sanchez shows glimpses of promise last year, but anyone who is best known for a call played ‘the butt fumble’ isn’t exactly striking fear into the hearts of opponents. And the less said about Tim Tebow the better. Besides a guaranteed on air erection and subsequent firing of Skip Bayless, I can’t think of anything positive to say about this signing. There are some people in sports that just need to go away, and Tim Tebow is the driver of that bus. I don’t know how many times he can prove that he doesn’t belong in the NFL, but as long as ego maniacs like Belichick and Kelly exist, they’ll keep bringing him in to prove to themselves they can turn any player into a star. I pray to whatever Gods are out there that this will be the last time I hear Tim Tebow has signed with another team, but I have supreme confidence that this saga will never end.

– Ryan

And Now, A Double RKO From OUTTA NOWHERE On Jameis Winston and That Poor Referee

Just because Randy Orton is on the disabled list in real life doesn’t mean he can’t keep RKO’ing fools from OUTTA NOWHERE. I saw the vine of Orton RKO’ing Jameis Winston pretty much everywhere last night and this morning, but this is the first double RKO video I’ve seen, and it is glorious. Jameis’s fall kind of makes it hard for the RKO to look good, but the referee might as well been wrestling Randy Orton, because his fall is absolutely perfect for the RKO. I’m glad we no longer live in a world where people can slip and fall down without consequence. If you fall down, and it is on film, you are getting RKO’d.

– Ryan

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