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Seahawks GM, Brian Floyd, Knows How To Party


You aren’t a real champion until you strap on the WWE title, everyone knows that. This is starting to become a “thing” among professional sports and I love it.


CM Punk’s Grammar Slam – Best Web Series Ever?

How in the blue hell did I not know about this web series? CM Punk, the WWE Superstar, tears people limb-from-limb over their horrible grammar on social media. This is pure gold and I love every minute of it. I have to thank YouTube’s “Geek Week” for introducing me to the channel.

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PS- I think this is a very good web series, but Drinking With Class is the best.


CM Punk Channels His Inner Roddy Piper During Take Me Out To The Ballgame At Wrigley

Seven-time World Champion CM Punk returned home to Chicago to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. The sixth-longest reigning WWE Champion of all-time put an Anaconda Vice-grip on the microphone and belted out a performance Cubs fans seemed to enjoy during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers, that eventually ended in a 3-2 loss to the Central Division rival. Punk made sure no fans in attendance would Go to Sleep during his rendition of the time-honored tradition at the Friendly Confines by proclaiming to the citizens of Chicago that he came to the game to “chew bubble gum and sing,” and that he was “all out of bubble gum,” prior to providing vocal delights to the 31,638 in attendance.” – CSNChicago


Chicago native and the self proclaimed “Best In The World” CM Punk sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” last night at the Chicago Cubs game. Channeling his inner Roddy Piper, Punk yelled out to the crowd that he was here to “chew bubblegum and sing”, and that he was all out of bubblegum. Sporting his Wolverine-esque beard, this was Punk’s third ballgame performance at Wrigley in as many years. Punk is no stranger to entertaining an audience, as the world will be watching on August 18th when he takes on Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam.

– Ryan

P.S. I think Hot Rod’s all out of gum..

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