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A Back Surgery Will Delay CM Punk’s UFC Even More & Maybe It’s Time To Chalk This Up As A Loss

UFCCM Punk detractors are going to have some more ammunition, as the former WWE Champion will have his UFC debut delayed yet again. He’ll be undergoing back surgery to repair a herniated disc, according to MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani.

Punk told Helwani that his back is something that has always bothered him, and he figured that it was simply professional wrestling injuries. As it turns out, it was.

“It got bad enough to the point where I couldn’t do anything the week before I went to train with the New Jersey Devils last month. One day I could manage, the next day I couldn’t. I’ve been in agony for almost a month. Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, cryotherapy, nothing worked,” Punk told MMA Fighting.

CM Punk was linked to both July’s UFC 200 and June’s UFC 199 to take on Mickey Gall. Gall defeated Mike Jackson at last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 82 to earn the right to take on Punk in his UFC debut.

Reaction GIF: are you kidding me?, CM Punk

CM Punk has been signed with UFC since December of 2014, and yet here we are, 14 months later, and he’s no closer to fighting in the Octagon then he was when he first signed. I understand Punk prides himself on doing things that everyone says he can’t do, but maybe he should take these constant roadblocks as a sign that he’s in way over his head. Personally, I’m still bitter at Punk for the way he left the WWE, but I do still want to see him fight in the UFC. If nothing else, it’d be a spectacle, and it’d make him and the UFC a lot of money. But the facts are real: he’s 37 years old & if he’s constantly getting hurt during training, what’s going to happen to him when he fights a trained fighter for real? I’ve already seen one cult hero retire too early due to concussions, I don’t need to see another one.



CM Punk Getting Hassled by a Dick Head Made Me Like CM Punk Again

Check this out from the Fox/UFC Q&A:

First off, for anyone who doesn’t know who Troy McClure is, or you don’t get the reference, watch this:

Now that we got that out of the way, what kind of sick piece of crap ruins a perfectly good Q&A session? I’m sure CM Punk or any of the other UFC fighters that participated didn’t need to be there. I really want to believe that CM Punk genuinely likes interacting with fans, I really do, but I can see why sometimes that can be a little bit hard to do. I’m sure for every nice and normal fan Punk encounters on twitter, or in real life, there is 20 of these underwear stains ready to challenge him to a fight or call him names. The name CM Punk has left a sour taste in my mouth every since he left the WWE the way he did (and we will never actually know the real reason for his departure), but after this dude getting all up in Punk’s face I am in Punk’s corner for his first UFC bout. Whether it be against this dude or anyone else, I hope Punk silences the haters.



For his antics at the UFC event, the gym Pousson trains at banned him. What a moron.


CM Punk & Hulk Hogan Are Naturally Feuding Over The Stanley Cup Finals

Well then. Business has certaintly picked up between CM Punk and Hulk Hogan, who naturally are arguing over the Stanley Cup playoffs. If you told me 10 years ago that Hulk Hogan and CM Punk would be in a promo war over the Stanley Cup Finals I’d probably call you a liar, but here we are. CM Punk is retired and Hulk Hogan is lobbying to wrestle at WrestleMania 32. We live in a weird world sometimes. While the video was pretty tame from a verbiage standpoint, the tweets between the two have been a little intense:

jim carrey animated GIF

– Ryan

– via CSN

28 Year Old AJ Lee Retired From The WWE Over The Weekend #ThankYouAJ

This isn’t shocking by any means, but it’s still sad to see someone retire in the prime of their career. AJ had only been on the main roster for 5 years, but her impact was enormous. She fought, scratched and clawed her way to the top, managed multiple World Heavyweight Champions, found and got married to the love of her life and achieved her ultimate dream of being a Diva’s champion. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s not how life works. Plainly put, the WWE Divas division is a better place because of AJ Lee, and I hope the higher ups continue to focus on the division as an important part of their shows. AJ wasn’t always happy with her position in the company, or the Divas in general, and much like her husband CM Punk, she wasn’t just going to sit there and take it. She was outspoken in promos and on Twitter when she felt like things weren’t happening fairly, and even though she’s leaving, she’s a big reason why Give Diva’s A Chance even started. She was selfless, an excellent role model to younger girls and did everything she could to differentiate herself from the “norm” of what a WWE Diva should be like. She’s inspired women like Paige, Bailey, Charlotte and Sasha Banks, all of whom will be the center pieces of the WWE Diva’s division for years to come. If I had to sum up AJ Lee in one story, it would be from this Monday’s Raw. In what ended up being her last televised match, AJ wore a Bailey T-shirt to the ring. She knew this would be her final time on WWE television (for now, hopefully) and wanted to go out helping out whoever she could. The WWE Universe will miss AJ Lee, but I’ll find comfort in knowing she’s going to be bad ass in whatever she does next.

– Ryan

WWE’s Offical Response to CM Punk Joining The UFC Was Classic, Stubborn Vince McMahon

If somehow you haven’t heard, former WWE Superstar CM Punk joined the UFC over the weekend. Here is the tweet UFC sent out regarding Punk:

Everyone from Jim Ross to Rey Mysterio to current UFC fighters weighed in on the news, and as is the case with pretty much every major news story, the opinions varied. Some were happy, some were confused, some want to fight CM Punk right now. No response was more passive aggressive or noteworthy than the WWE’s:


It was clear from both CM Punk and Vince’s podcast interviews that the two are at odds, so this should not be surprising at all. They tweaked their usual “best of luck in your future endeavors” motto that they put whenever a talent is released, and it’s classic Vince: just enough to acknowledge, but brief enough so people know you don’t give a shit. I’m sure CM Punk could care less what WWE thinks nowadays, but this was one last knock that was too sweet for Vince to pass up on.

– Ryan


Here’s What We Learned From The Stone Cold/Vince McMahon Podcast Last Night On The WWE Network

Stone Cold held a live podcast last night after Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network with a special guest, Vince McMahon. It ran about an hour and 10 minutes, and it was one of the best interviews you’re ever going to see. Vince answered every question Stone Cold threw out there, including a few that Vince has never addressed publicly before. If you didn’t watch it yet, you can here. If this doesn’t entice you to sign up for the WWE Network, then nothing will. Here are some notable tidbits:

Today’s superstars aren’t ambitious enough – Stone Cold asked Vince why he thinks there is a lack of star power in today’s WWE, and Vince said that compared to Stone Cold’s era, the guys and girls just aren’t ambitious enough, and don’t “reach for the brass ring.” He thinks that will change with guys like Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, as well some superstars in NXT.

He hopes to work with CM Punk again – Vince started off the CM Punk conversation with an apology to Punk concerning Punk getting the paperwork stating he was fired on his wedding day. Vince said that when situations like this happened in the past, he was able to work something out with the superstars, but once the lawyers get involved, it’s bad news. He said Punk getting the paperwork on his wedding day was purely a coincidence. Austin went over the time he left the company, and how Jim Ross played the middle man and got Vince and Stone Cold to sit down and hash things out. Vince said there is no such person to do that with him and Punk, which is part of the reason he still isn’t back.

Cesaro still doesn’t have ‘It’ – Stone Cold is a huge fan of Cesaro, and asked Vince why Cesaro hasn’t gotten his big push yet. Vince feels Cesaro is a world class athlete and great in the ring, but still lacks the charisma and verbal skills needed to get to the next level. Stone Cold questioned the booking of Cesaro following WM 30, and Vince stated they haven’t given up on him yet, but haven’t found the right spot to push him yet either.

Ending The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania – Vince was the one who made the call. He talked about how unselfish The Undertaker is, and how he wanted to give back to the business. Vince looked down the line at the next few WrestleMania’s and didn’t see anyone who would benefit from a victory over The Undertaker more than Brock would, so the call was made for Brock to go over.

Randy Savage is ‘absolutely’ going into the Hall of Fame – Vince didn’t give a specific timeframe, and they didn’t go too much into detail, but Savage will absolutely be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Stone Cold was pretty giddy about this news.

The rest of the interview focused on the Austin/McMahon dynamic, Stone Cold’s match at WM 13 with Bret Hart, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre match vs. Vince, Vince buying out the territories and WCW, Shane McMahon, Sting and a lot of other fun backstage stories. At one point Stone Cold said they were out of time and Vince told him I own the Network, and extended the interview for another 15 minutes. Stone Cold is a great interviewer and Vince came off as a guy who just loves to talk about the business. Give it a listen and subscribe to the Network!

– Ryan

Monday Night Raw – Punk’s Return Set for his Hometown of Chicago?

Who knows what Vince has up his sleeve for Monday Night Raw. All I know is Ryan and I went through every possible scenario for his return on the train ride home from New York yesterday. We aren’t holding our breath though. If it was meant to happen, it was meant to happen. In Vince we trust. (Hint: it was meant to happen)


PS- Am I going to have to start saying “in Vince & HHH we trust”? Because after all the work HHH has done with the training center and NXT he deserves a lot of credit. Just a thought, jump down my throat in the comment section!

CM Punk Took a Nose Dive On My Favorite Wrestlers List

CM_punkFor those of you not up on recent WWE happenings, CM Punk, the self proclaimed “best in the world”, has up and quit the WWE. Just straight walked out on operations the day after the Royal Rumble. Took his ball and went home, ala Stone Cold. No reason for it and, publicly, nobody has heard from him since. Past issues with Punk leads me to believe that he wasn’t happy with how the company was using him, and you know what, Punk? If that is the reason then you need to seriously reevaluate your situation. Between 2012 and 2013 nobody, and I mean nobody, was bigger in the WWE than CM Punk and his loud mouth manager, Paul Heyman. CM Punk owned the squared 3a6efa937abc88547391fe3ec2dd5879circle. Girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. Somehow he thought that changed in the past few months. Got news for ya, it didn’t. Go ahead and replay any WWE event since Punk’s departure. “CM Punk” chants can be heard throughout the night, and to be honest it is ruining some of the best programming WWE has put on in years. Fans need to realize this is the fault of the WWE. WWE didn’t show Punk the door, neither did they want to, Punk walked out all on his own. Say what you will about Batista’s win at the Rumble, but HHH and Vince, like always, have a pulse on whats going on with the WWE Universe.

From what is rumored, Vince has been meeting with Punk. Which is gracious on his part. I would have told Punk to go fuck himself. Punk fell way off my list after this stunt.


PS- What are you going to do? Go wrestle for TNA? Only a matter of time before you shoot a funeral home promo. That’s when you know you’ve hit pro-wrestling rock bottom.

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