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Gerald’s Game – Movie Club 22

This week’s Movie Club pick was ‘Gerald’s Game.’ Next week’s movie will be ‘The Houses October Built.’ Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question, or observation and we will play it on the next episode.

Defiance – Movie Club 13

This week’s Movie Club pick is ‘Defiance.’ Next week’s movie will be ‘The BFG.’ Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question, or observation and we will play it on an episode.

Manson Family Vacation – Movie Club 11

This week’s Movie Club focuses on ‘Manson Family Vacation.’ Next week’s movie will be ‘Baby’s Day Out.’ Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question, or observation and we will play it on an episode.

If You Could Switch Places With Anyone in the World Right Now, Wouldn’t It Have to Be Prince Harry?

SourceIt is only days since Prince Harry broke up with his long-term girlfriend Cressida Bonas, but a strip club in Memphis is hoping he will be ready to try to get over the heartbreak by paying them a visit.

The newly single 29-year-old is due to arrive in the Tennessee city where he will attend a society wedding this weekend.

As residents get ready to try to spot the prince during his trip, one of the city’s strip clubs has put up a large sign that says ‘Welcome Prince Harry’.

SourcePrince Harry partied it up in Miami Beach this week.

The British royal was in town Wednesday for his friend and British club owner Guy Pelly’s bachelor party.

The group of friends first enjoyed dinner at Hakkasan and reportedly stayed until close to enjoy cocktails, tea and coffee. They then hit up LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau.

Both Harry and Prince William will be ushers at Pelly’s wedding to Holiday Inn heiress Lizzy Wilson on May 3. The couple will be married in Memphis, Tenn.


Decent week. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and saw Spiderman 2 but I guess partying at Liv in Miami and getting the hero’s welcome from a stripclub is pretty fantastic too. When the “who would you want to switch places with” conversation comes up the same names are always mentioned: Leo, Clooney, Timberlake, Mayer. But what about Prince Harry? He’s younger than all of them. Also, he’s a PRINCE. A real life, badass prince. He was in the Royal Air Force which just sounds incredible. Throw in the fact that girls dig the British accent and you have yourself a bonafide member of the “who would I rather be” club. Now that he smartened up and is living the single life, the sky is really the limit for him. If he’s a halfway decent guy, he can get into any club, stadium or attraction in the entire world. The best part? He has an older brother, which equals zero responsibility. I’ve always been under the impression that unelss you’re the King or next in line, you can basically do whatever you want. Vegas today, Miami tomorrow. Memphis the next day because apparently people get married in Memphis. All I know is once your name is on the marquee at The Pony, you’ve made it.


– Ryan

Alright, Alright, Alright: Matthew McConaughey Continues to Take Over the World

Alright, alright, alright. What a year for Matthew McConaughey. It’s his flat circled world, and we’re just along for the ride. He’s on the most talked about new show on TV (if you haven’t seen True Detective yet, you should. His performance as Rustin Cohle is great) and he was in TWO movies that were nominated for Best Picture. One of those movies, Dallas Buyer’s Club, was the reason he took the stage late Sunday night to accept his Best Actor Award. While it would’ve been nice to see Leo win his first long overdue golden statue, it’s hard to argue with McConaughey’s win. He was the most polarizing figure in a movie filled with great performances (Jared Leto also took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor). His physical transformation was tough to watch at times, but you did everything you could to keep your eyes on the screen, because you knew you were witnessing a special performance. McConaughey is no longer the rom-com leading man, or the naked guy playing the bongos: he’s a certified bad ass actor who proved he can carry a heavy movie all the way to the Oscars. Hopefully this is just the tip of the McConaughey iceberg, and he’s in the Oscar discussion for years to come.

Fun fact tidbit for anyone who cares about these things: Only Liza Minnelli (1973) and Helen Hunt (1998) have won a performance Oscar and Emmy in the same year. With his performance as Rustin Cohle, and HBO’s wily move to submit True Detective as a miniseries and not a standard drama (because there’s no way he beats Bryan Cranston), McConaughey could become number three. Just keep livin’, man.

– Ryan

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