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Trailer Alert – IT

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Having said that, I’ll be in line for the first matinee of this movie…preferable in a theater with windows….with the lights on.


Trailer Alert – “Clown”

Clown tells a classic story. Clown cancels on kid’s birthday party, dad finds demonic clown costume, Dad murders his whole family. You know, that old chestnut. That bloody stump for a nose chestnut. Eli Roth has been on FIRE in recent years, finding and producing this movie is just another notch in his hot streak. Right now Clown sits at the top of the iTunes horror downloads.


Mexico City Clowns Outraged That Man Dressed as a Clown Killed a Guy

(Source) “Leaders of clowns gathered for a convention  in Mexico City said Wednesday they are saddened that a killer disguised himself  as a clown to kill a drug lord last week, and insisted no true member of their  profession would have committed the crime.

Convicted drug trafficker Francisco Rafael  Arellano Felix was shot to death Friday in the Baja beach resort of Los Cabos by  a gunman wearing a clown costume, including a wig and a rubber nose.

The dead man was the eldest brother of  Mexico’s once-feared Arellano Felix clan.

Clown leader Tomas Morales, a 21-year veteran of  the trade who goes by the stage name ‘Payaso Llantom,’ said he was certain the  killer was not a professional clown. He said clowns in Mexico, especially in  outlying states, know each other and their costumes and makeup are  individualized and recognizable.

The people who do that, they’re not  clowns. I can swear on my mother’s grave it  wasn’t a clown,’ said  Morales, whose costume includes frizzy blue hair and a  tiny top hat. ‘We are not like that … we are nonviolent.”


The nerve of some people. If you’re going to murder a guy, at least show some respect for the hard working clowns out there and dress as something else. Clowns are a nonviolent people. The only harm they do is creep people out. This setting back clowns hundreds of years. All the work they’ve done to convince kids they’re not killers has been destroyed by one selfish guy. It seems like the killer put a lot of work into this murder. He couldn’t just walk up to a guy and shoot him. He had to go through hours of makeup. Probably took clown classss too. He may be a cold blooded killer, but you have to respect his dedication to the craft of murder.

– Ryan

What the Hell is Happening in England?

In Northampton, England, some psychopath is dressing up as a clown and creeping the fuck out of people. He creeps me out and I’m looking at him through a computer.

View image on Twitter

If this guy doesn’t turn into some type of serial killer/animal mutilator then I’ll be shocked. You just don’t stand on street corners with clown makeup on holding balloons staring at people for no reason. This guy has clearly derailed. Obviously the next logical step would be to contact the authorities and at least question this man as to why he’s doing this. Nope. Enter “Boris The Clown Catcher”.

View image on Twitter

Let’s get someone who is equally as deranged as the clown and have him take care of it. Did we miss the story where England let all of it’s mental patients free and now they’re basically terrorizing an entire country? Are there no police in Northampton? I’ve never been so confused in my life. All I know is I’d rather eat nails then travel to Northampton.

– Ryan

P.S. I appreciate Boris’ effort but talk about unoriginal. Superman colors? Big time fashion no no.

Twitter News Weekly – Vol 2

-MattyV & Ryanfoges

So Lady Gaga Has Been Wearing Clown Makeup All Week

“After Lady Gaga’s new song “Applause” was leaked, Gaga decided to take some action and stroll the streets of Los Angeles in the same makeup featured on the single’s cover art. While not too many people can get away with rainbow face paint (just look at poor Ryan Seacrest) on Lady Gaga, the make-up looks almost… normal. Where is the gigantic egg? Where is the dress made of meat?! Click on to see some of Gaga’s most, well, normal looks.” – Bustle



That’ll show ’em. Lesson here kids: when you wear clown makeup in public all week, we all lose.

– Ryan

P.S. It’s 2013. All that advertising and social media promoting is a major reason your a millionaire. If a song leaks, suck it up.

Insane Clown Posse Theater

Ever wanted to watch ICP react, live, to popular music videos? I’ve found what you’re looking for! These guys are quite possibly the most ridiculous duo on the planet, and they have opinions to match. Violent J and Shaggy bring you ICP Theater!

New episodes are on Wednesdays 11/10c on FUSE.


PS- This has got to be the polar opposite of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’, as far as internet shows go.


PSS- Howard Stern, the king of all media, endorses the show!


GQ Magazine Can Go To Hell

Rating The Insane Clown Posse (ICP) as the worst rap group in history was the worst thin GQ Magazine could have done.  Do you have any idea the type of people you are dealing with?  I’m not talking about physical violence, but just the sheer number of loyal fans [Juggalo to the lay person] spells bad news for them.  Now i’m going to come right out and say it, I am a huge supporter of ICP, so this might be bias.  But, I will also disclose that I am a music lover in general.  I have everything on my ipod from The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack (The original cast in London. Your a loon if you have any other version) to Pantera.  ICP just happens to be a group that I have loved since I was in middle school.  I will be the first to admit that their music is not everyone cup of proverbial tea, and I would never force it upon anyone. But calling them the worst rappers of ALL TIME? That is just crazy. I can guaran-damn-tee that who ever (I know his name, but I won’t give him fame he doesn’t deserve) came up with this list never went to and ICP show, listened to a full ICP album, or even had the decency to find out what they are about.  They just know the mantra behind them and stuck them with this unfitting label. 20 years of music and touring say otherwise to your stupid list.


PS – Ask Berno, someone who has never listened to ICP, if he enjoyed the concert we went to.  Go ahead GQ, ASK HIM!!!



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