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Leonardo DiCaprio is on Instagram and Fighting the Good Fight Against Climate Change

I’ve always envied major celebrities that go out of their way to fight for causes they believe in. Leo is one of the most recognizable and highest paid people in the world. He could spend his days sipping champagne and playing twister with Victoria secret models, but instead he’s hanging out with scientists trying to get people to pay attention to the very real climate change situation. He’s a better man than I, and if anyone wonders why I’m growing out my beard and slicking back my hair, you now have your answer.

– Ryan


John Oliver and Bill Nye CRUSH the Climate Change “Debate”

Just when I thought John Oliver couldn’t win me over more, he goes and does this! Finally, someone explaining, plain and simple,¬†how insane¬†this ‘debate’ actually is.

Billy Nye for President, John Oliver for VP, and Bill Paxton for Secretary of State.


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