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#SNL Just Announced A Murderer’s Row Of Hosts For Their December Episodes

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Happy holidays! #SNL

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Sweet Lincoln’s beard is that a fabulous foursome of hosts. For the most part, season 41 of SNL has been outstanding. The hosts who weren’t supposed to be great but deliver ratings (Miley and Trump) pretty much weren’t great and delivered ratings. The hosts who you knew would dominate (Schumer & Morgan) dominated and the host who you knew would be a ton of fun (Elizabeth Banks) was exactly that last week. With McConnaughey hosting this week, SNL will have a bye week and then follow that with Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth and the dynamic duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I have to imagine McConnaughey and Gosling will both be great in that “handsomely funny” kind of way, and Chris Hemsworth is already one of my favorite under the radar hosts (part 2 of this chicken sketch or we riot). Then you end the year with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (plus a ton of cameos) and you have an epic first half of the season. Oh, and The Boss will be singing too. God bless you, Lorne Michaels.



My Favorite Sketch From Chris Hemsworth’s Wonderful SNL Debut – ‘Spaceship’

Whenever you have a first time host who isn’t known for being overly funny, it’s better to be cautious than to expect the world. That was my game plan going into last Saturday’s SNL hosted by Chris Hemsworth, but he blew away my expectations similar to what Martin Freeman did earlier this season. While Hemsworth can certainly be funny, it’s not his forte, but he delivered in just about every sketch he was in last night. The best, and most unique sketch, was ‘Spaceship’. A simple enough premise about a crew that doesn’t feel comfortable taking orders from their non human captain that I was 99% sure would be a robot, but leave it to SNL to flip the switch and make the captain a live chicken. Hemsworth trying to have a one on one heart to heart with a live chicken was the highlight of the sketch for me, but every scene of this bit was great.

– Ryan

Bill Paxton Not Being Named The Sexiest Man Alive Is a Crying Shame

BPHe continues to smite bad guys as a hammer-wielding Norse god in The Avengers, will fight off a terrorist hacker in Michael Mann’s upcoming cyber thriller, Blackhat, and battle a whale in Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea, but there was no contest when it came to naming Aussie Chris Hemsworth this year’s Sexiest Man Alive.  




Usually I’d pining for Clooney in this spot, but he’s already won it like 15 times so I understand giving somebody else a chance. What I don’t understand is the arrogance of this article and picking Chris Hemsworth. There was no contest? I happen to know a certain 59 year old man from Forth Worth, Texas who disagrees. Fact: Bill Paxton discovered the Titanic. Fact: Bill Paxton saved Helen Hunt from a goddamn twister. Fact: Bill Paxton went to the moon. Fact: Bill Paxton saved Mighty Joe Young. That’s pretty sexy to me. What has Chris Hemsworth done? Yes he was Thor and Captain Kirk’s dad (which still technically makes him Captain Kirk, I think), but in the grand scheme of things, we’re not talking about the land of make believe. I can pretend to be a superhero and some nerd on a fake spaceship. Bill Paxton actually did all of those things. They’re not movies to Bill Paxton, they are REAL LIFE. If that’s not the definition of sexy, then I don’t know what is.

– Ryan

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