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I want to be Best Friends with Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Jimmy Fallon (Sorry Ryan, You’re Out)

I think that if I turned around and saw Jimmy Fallon, Captain America, and Star Lord photobombing my picture I would have passed out. I love how this is what these guys are like. Just regular guys, pulling pranks on people. Awesome!


Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Will Both Be Visiting Children’s Hospital Because They’re Wonderful Peopl

I saw this coming a mile away, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. For those who don’t know, Chris Evans (Captain America) is a huge Patriots fan and Chris Pratt (Starlord) is a huge Seahawks fan. The loser of the Super Bowl was going to visit a children’s hospital in the rival QB’s jersey. Since the Seahawks lost, Chris Pratt was going to visit a Boston children’s hospital dressed as Starlord with a Tom Brady jersey. Pratt will be doing that, but Chris Evans decided to also get in on the fun and he’ll not only be visiting a Boston children’s hospital but he’s going to Seattle too. Two guys who play superheroes being actual superheroes in real life. Great stuff.

– Ryan

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