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Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Dancing On Billy Joel’s Piano During ‘Uptown Girl’ Is The Happiest Video Ever

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the best kind of best friends. They’re obviously a lot of fun, but they’re also super rich celebrities, which is the best of both worlds. When Matt and I went to see Billy Joel at MSG, we sat about as far away as possible. It was an incredible show, but I’m assuming if we tried to get on stage and stand on Billy Joel’s piano that 1. the piano would break and 2. we’d be arrested. But when Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence do it, it’s accepted and adored. I wish I was a part of it, because this honestly might be the happiest video of all time. Imagine getting to hang onstage with Billy Joel while he plays ‘Uptown Girl’? A guy can dream.


Brandon Marshall Just Gained a New Fan And I Pledge Not to Draft Him in Fantasy So His Career Doesn’t End Horribly

Good for you, Brandon Marshall. Genuine good guy move right here, and I’m so impressed by this that I vow not to draft him in fantasy football this year. Two things happen to players I draft: they get hurt, or they suck so bad you kind of wished they were hurt. I won’t put that hex on you, Brandon. You’re welcome.

– Ryan

The 76ers Are So Bad That it Actually Hurts


The 76ers are on the way to a historic losing streak after losing their 22nd STRAIGHT game against the Bulls (The 2010 Cavs hold the record at 26). Usually how the Sixers perform does’t bother me, they could win or lose and I wouldn’t care, BUT… today I was so shocked to look up at Sportscenter and see how bad they are that I actually stubbed my toe on the end of my kitchen counter. 76ers, hang it up now so no one else gets hurt, especially your fan base….SWEEET BURN.


Monday Night Raw – Punk’s Return Set for his Hometown of Chicago?

Who knows what Vince has up his sleeve for Monday Night Raw. All I know is Ryan and I went through every possible scenario for his return on the train ride home from New York yesterday. We aren’t holding our breath though. If it was meant to happen, it was meant to happen. In Vince we trust. (Hint: it was meant to happen)


PS- Am I going to have to start saying “in Vince & HHH we trust”? Because after all the work HHH has done with the training center and NXT he deserves a lot of credit. Just a thought, jump down my throat in the comment section!

CM Punk Channels His Inner Roddy Piper During Take Me Out To The Ballgame At Wrigley

Seven-time World Champion CM Punk returned home to Chicago to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. The sixth-longest reigning WWE Champion of all-time put an Anaconda Vice-grip on the microphone and belted out a performance Cubs fans seemed to enjoy during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers, that eventually ended in a 3-2 loss to the Central Division rival. Punk made sure no fans in attendance would Go to Sleep during his rendition of the time-honored tradition at the Friendly Confines by proclaiming to the citizens of Chicago that he came to the game to “chew bubble gum and sing,” and that he was “all out of bubble gum,” prior to providing vocal delights to the 31,638 in attendance.” – CSNChicago


Chicago native and the self proclaimed “Best In The World” CM Punk sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” last night at the Chicago Cubs game. Channeling his inner Roddy Piper, Punk yelled out to the crowd that he was here to “chew bubblegum and sing”, and that he was all out of bubblegum. Sporting his Wolverine-esque beard, this was Punk’s third ballgame performance at Wrigley in as many years. Punk is no stranger to entertaining an audience, as the world will be watching on August 18th when he takes on Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam.

– Ryan

P.S. I think Hot Rod’s all out of gum..

Welcome To Boston Mr. Peavy


Red Sox making the biggest splash at the trade deadline so far landing White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy late last night. Although Peavy has been injury prone, I love the move. He’s not being brought in to be a savior, but rather fill a specific role. When Bucholtz returns from the DL, the Sox will have 7 legitimate starting pitchers, which means two will head to their over worked bullpen. The flip side of this trade is the loss of Jose Iglesias. A gifted fielder, Iglesias never truly found his bat in a Red Sox uniform. He did get off to a hot start, winning AL Rookie of the Month in June, but his batting average has tumbled almost 100 points in July. Add in the fact that the Red Sox signed veteran SS Stephen Drew in the offseason, and Iggy basically became the odd man out. He’s going to be a joy to watch in Detroit, and I think I speak for everyone in Red Sox Nation when I say I wish him all the best. As for our own playoff race, I’m excited we added a proven veteran arm for the home stretch. If only the Rays would lose a game once in awhile, we’d be in good shape.

– Ryan

P.S. His new nickname is Jake The Snake right? That can’t even be a question. Jake The Snake it is.

Monsterblog Wednesday: Our Favorite ECW Matches


ECW. Three letters that will live on in wrestling lore forever. What started as a small time Philadelphia based wrestling promotion eventually blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. ECW became primarily known for it’s particularly violent matches and cult like fan base, but it also showcased great technical bouts, and introduced American audiences to the lucha-libre style of combat that is still popular today. Under the guidance of Paul Heyman, ECW started a revolution in wrestling that is still talked about to this day. Plainly stated, without ECW, there would have never been an “Attitude Era” that so many fans knew and loved. Whether you liked Japanese Death Matches, Barb Wire ropes, Steel Cages or good old fashioned two out of three falls, ECW had you covered. While their were many memorable moments and matches in ECW, we decided to flex our mental muscles and only pick one match each. Here are our favorite matches in ECW history.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney – Chicago Street Fight

If you’ve never watched an ECW match, here is a general rule of thumb: watch a match with The  Dudley Boyz. The Dudley’s had many great feuds in ECW, but the handful of matches they had with their little brother Spike and Balls Mahoney were the most memorable. Cheese graters, thumbtacks and flaming tables. All in a day’s work. Make sure you stick around until the end of this video. A human being is powerbombed through a flaming table.

– Ryan


Mike Awesome VS Masato Tanaka – ECW One Night Stand

Tanaka vs. Awesome. A match, that on paper just doesn’t work.  Has to be one of my favorite feuds in ECW (My favorite is Tazz and Sabu).  Just beating the shit out of each other and loving it. If you looked up “Extreme” in the wrestling dictionary, you would find all their classic matches.  Enjoy


PS- Listen to that crowd!

I Need Jim Peterik To Sing “Eye Of The Tiger” Everywhere I Go

Does Jim Peterik bring his guitar and fantastic tight white pants everywhere he goes? I hope so. And I hope he’s available this Saturday for funky butt Matt’s birthday extravaganza. Better yet, I need him to follow me around where ever I go. Maybe I’m having bad day, work is busy and I burned the roof of mouth on some canned soup. Jim is there to save the day and give me the motivation to go on. At this point, I’m really banking on him being financially secure. Wherever I go, money doesn’t exactly follow. He’s going to have to accept an unnecessary amount of Busch Light and a few burnt hamburgers as payment.

– Ryan

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