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Music Monday – ‘Chef’ Soundtracks

Netflix Find of The Week – Chef


Chef is now on Netflix! For those of you who don’t know Chef is the story of Chef Casper, played by Jon Faverau. He is the Chef of his own restaurant until one misjudged tweet destroys that for him. It’s a story of rebuilding relationships and his career. It’s an amazing movie that is now on Netflix! Go watch it for the soundtrack alone! BEWARE…It will make you hungry.


Music Monday – Sexual Healing

This week’s Music Monday song is nothing new, i’ve probably featured Marvin more times than any other artist, but what is new is the manner in which it is played; Enter Hot 8 Brass Band. I discovered this song from the 2014 movie ‘Chef’ (which is amazing, please find it somewhere and rent it!). The whole soundtrack is dynamite, but this song really puts a rhythm in my feet.


Matt’s Definitive Guide to the Movies you Need to See this Year

Here is a list of the movies I am most excited for this year therefore you should be excited as well. These are in no specific order although, if we are being honest, you should know I am most excited to see “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Like so excited my brain hurts. Like so excited I can’t sleep at night. Like so excited…ok, you get the point. Here it is.
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Guardians of the Galaxy

Neighbors (Already saw it and I would see it again. It’s that funny)

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