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Jon Stewart Tried To Make Sense Of The Senseless Charleston Shootings On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’

“We still won’t do jackshit.” For the first time I can remember, I hoped words coming out of Jon Stewart’s mouth would be wrong. But like always, he’s not. This kind of attack, whether racially motivated or not, is becoming far too common in America. President Obama spoke on the tragedy yesterday and said that attacks like these just don’t happen in other advanced countries. The Charleston tragedy marks the 14th time President Obama has had to address the nation following a mass shooting. If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is. You can talk about gun control or mental illness or whatever else you think is causing these senseless crimes, but the fact of the matter is that it’s clear the people in control won’t do jackshit. If they were going to do something, you’d think it’d be done by now. All the speeches and articles that demand a call to action fall on deaf ears, and if this is the new America, where mass shooting are apart of daily life, then it’s an America I don’t want to apart of.

– Ryan

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