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Meet ‘Star’, the 25 Year Old Woman Who Wants to Get Married to Charles Manson. Yes, THAT Charles Manson

(Source) Convicted murderer Charles Manson is marrying  a 25-year-old supporter, she has claimed.

Star, a name given to her by the 79-year-old  cult leader, moved next to California’s Corcoran State Prison when she was just  19 to be closer to him and has recently carved an X into her forehead to match  his swastika.

‘Yeah, well, people can think I’m crazy,’ she  told Rolling Stone magazine in a lengthy article  about her beau. ‘But they don’t know. This is what’s right for me. This is what  I was born for.’

Star, who runs multiple websites calling for  Manson’s release, said she knows she will be his wife.

‘I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie  and I  are going to get married,’ she said. ‘When that will be, we don’t  know. But I  take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told  me to tell you  this. We haven’t told anybody about that.’

But Manson sounded a little more apprehensive  when the interviewer asked him about his impending nuptials to Star.

‘Oh that,’ he said. ‘That’s a bunch of garbage.  You know that, man. That’s  trash. We’re just playing that for public  consumption.’


This is frightening. Can’t Charles Manson just die already? Because now there’s a new generation who apparently think his writings are worth following. Is it too late to create a law where we just throw people in jail for no reason? Star would be the first person on that list. A 25 year old inspired by Charles Manson who carved an X into her head isn’t someone I feel comfortable with. If there are levels of crazy then Star is on top of the god damn mountain. Lock her in there with him and throw away the key. Problem solved.

– Ryan

Netflix Must Watch: “Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired”

It’s fascinating to think how huge certain stories would be if covered by the 21st century media. The same media that glorifies criminals and turns murder cases into spectacles would no doubt have a field day with the famed director. I couldn’t tell you if many people in my age bracket (20-25) have ever heard of Roman Polanski, but I can tell you I’ve never had a conversation about him with friends. Although his story is one of the most fascinating and disturbing in American film history, it seems as if his struggle has been put on the back burner in exchange for the constant updates on the Bieber’s and Lohan’s of the world. From the tragic murder of his wife, to the scandal that forced him to flee the United States, Wanted and Desired provides an in depth look at a star’s fall from grace. Do yourself a favor and block off 90 minutes of your time for Marina Zenovich’s documentary. You’ll be glad you did.

– Ryan

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