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Citizen of the Year Lil’ Wayne Tried To Fight A Referee At A Charity Basketball Game For Non Violence

You know what’s not the best idea? Trying to fight a referee at a charity basketball game for NON VIOLENCE. But then again, Lil Wayne isn’t a celebrity because of his brain. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. You can only go so long before your animal tendencies start to show again. I also don’t know why this scuffle lasted so long. What is Lil Wayne, 5 feet tall on a good day? You’re telling me one of his  bodyguards couldn’t just pick him up and hold him there while his feet dangled until he calmed down? I guess that’s the life of a rap star, though. You attend a charity basketball game supporting non violence then try to get violent with a referee. At a charity basketball game. For non-violence. I think the thing that makes me the angriest about this whole situation is that events like this really sully the Wayne family name, the same name Bruce has tried to restore for so long.

– Ryan

Do YOU Want To Be In The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie?


I couldn’t give my $10 fast enough. 58 days left to enter!


PS – I might enter multiple times. If a fan is going to be in Episode 7, it’s going to be me!



Girl Gets Tasered For Charity

Something tells me there are much better ways to raise money for charity. Bake sale, car wash, walk-a-thon you know, anything except for being tasered. Apparently she charged a group of guys $100 each to watch her get tasered in a bikini. And mom thought that business degree would never get any use.


George Clooney Has Finally Seen the Light. See Ya On the Red Carpet!

Source – As one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, George Clooney has no shortage of options when it comes to securing a date. However, it could be you by his side at the upcoming “Monuments Men” premiere.

 That’s because the 52-year-old is auctioning off a date with himself for the Feb. 4 red carpet event in Manhattan. And through a $10 donation on charity site Omaze, you will be entered to win. That’s right — it’s only $10 to throw your hat in the ring. (And the more entries you buy, the cheaper it gets.)

Being the Oscar winner’s date at a premiere is exciting enough, but the winner gets even more Clooney time. Along with a friend, the lucky lady or gent flies to the Big Apple and accompanies him to “Late Show With David Letterman,” where they’ll hang backstage as part of his entourage while he’s interviewed by Dave. Then, they’ll ride to the premiere together in style, walk the red carpet, and sit with him in the VIP row during the screening of the film, which Clooney directed, wrote, and stars in.

Oh, and the date extends to attending the afterparty as Clooney’s special guests. Other talent in the film include Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, and John Goodman, so it will be a star-studded affair.

According to the Omaze website, at the end of the night, the winners will have learned, “How it feels to be the classiest person on the red carpet (by association); what it’s like to go out in NYC with the ultimate man’s man, ladies’ man, and all around man; AND George may even share how he masterfully pranks super star buddies like Brad Pitt.”

Clooney, who’s single since splitting with Stacy Keibler over the summer, is doing this to benefit Satellite Sentinel Project, which is an organization that reports on the state of the conflict in the border regions between Sudan and South Sudan via satellite imagery. (The war-torn country has long been a close to the megastar’s heart.)

The contest ends on Jan. 30. And, who knows? The winner may have so much fun with Clooney that they could become part of his inner circle. Next spring, they could be with him in Lake Como skinny-dipping along with the rest of his A-list pals.

How’s that for $10 well spent?


I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life. It’s just funny because this whole time I was running after Clooney, and now he’s right where I want him*. All it’s going to take is donating $10 to a good cause and I’ll be schmoozing with big wigs on the red carpet. This Yahoo! article obviously knows its stuff because after the red carpet event it’s inevitable that Clooney and I become best friends. What do best friends do? They skinny dip in Lake Como. Looks like Uncle Ryan has finally hit the big time. And it’s all because of Clooney.


– Ryan

*If for some insane reason he’s ever read any of my blogs on him I’ll probably be disqualified from the contest and thrown in jail. Risk I’m willing to take.

Troy Walker: Screwjob Or Choke City?

I’m torn on this one. On the one hand that first throw looked pretty good. Judging by his previous perfect throws it probably would’ve been a strike, he gets a 300 at a charity bowling event, and no one ever knows he existed. Instead, fate intervened in the form of a premature pinsetter. My question is does this count as choking? Technically he got another chance for a perfect score. He had to absolutely lose it on the inside when only 7 pins went down. Went home and drank a bottle of whiskey and broke every mirror in his house. Guy’s who throw 297’s at charity bowling events literally live for that shit, especially the one’s who show no emotion. If that was me I’d be screaming and yelling, getting the crowd into it. Where’s your showmanship Troy? On second thought I’m glad you didn’t get a perfect score you snob. I hope the number 297 haunts you for the rest of your days.

– Ryan

P.S. Hey Troy, who do you think you are?! I am! Get it right!

Is Michael J Fox my Favorite Person Walking God’s Green Earth?

I’d say the answer in unequivocally yes, but I’m not sure what he does is considered walking anymore…poor taste, I’ll pay for that some day soon don’t worry. But seriously, everytime I see this guy in the news I tremble with excitement. Damnit…Alright that one was unintentional.


So recently, Mr. Fox was given a cupcake arrangement the shape of the Stanley cup. And each cupcake has the logo of a different NHL playoff team. Michael has been tweeting pictures of himself eating the cupcakes of each team as that team get eliminated. Of course he’s accompanying them with a short one liner. Here’s the link for the bleacher report article on it.

As for this article I want to really talk about how great Mr. Fox is. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the middle of a great career, he has really stayed relevant throughout the years. Of course it’s not about staying noticed, or staying in the public eye. The inspiration comes from his refusal to let his affliction define him, instead he has redefined what it means to live with Parkinson’s today. His charitable work to raise money for Parkinson’s research is unparalleled, but for me the amazing thing is his ability to laugh at himself. Mr. Fox shows us it’s okay to laugh at life’s lowest moments because it means you haven’t lost. If you keep fighting you can never lose.

Nothing shows Michael J. Fox’s spirit more than these hilarious clips from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Here and here.


Oh and his short feud with Taylor Swift when he said he would never let his son date her was such a clairvoyant power move. He knew Swift was no good before the rest of us. Thanks for the heads up, Mike!

-Sean Lite-

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