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WWE Signs Swedish Arm Wrestling Champ anddddd She’s Smokin’ Hot

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A new Diva on the way…
-WWE has signed eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, eight-time European Arm Wrestling Champion and eleven-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion Sarah Bachman to an NXT developmental contract. Bachman posted the following to her Instagram:
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instagramLet me start by saying, welcome! and let me also say welllcommmmmee (as creepy as it looks). Please don’t tear my arm off.

Where was this chick when they filmed Over The Top?


CM Punk’s Grammar Slam – Best Web Series Ever?

How in the blue hell did I not know about this web series? CM Punk, the WWE Superstar, tears people limb-from-limb over their horrible grammar on social media. This is pure gold and I love every minute of it. I have to thank YouTube’s “Geek Week” for introducing me to the channel.

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PS- I think this is a very good web series, but Drinking With Class is the best.


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