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Eddie Murphy Was Supposed To Play Bill Cosby During The Celebrity Jeopardy Sketch On #SNL40

Norm Macdonald’s Twitter account has been a gem ever since SNL 40 on Sunday night, as he’s shared backstage stories and his own personal feelings about being back at SNL and seeing so many familiar faces. One of the more interesting stories he shared was the fact that Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play Bill Cosby at the end of the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch. While Kenan eventually did the impression and did a solid job, as Norm writes, the laughs from Eddie Murphy putting on that Cosby sweater would have absolutely brought the house down. Murphy ended up nixing the idea, and instead gave a short speech after an amazing tribute and introduction from Chris Rock. Backstage stories like this coming out are kind of bittersweet: it’s cool finding out behind the scenes details of a show the magnitude of SNL 40, but now we’ll have to live knowing that Eddie Murphy could’ve stole the show one last time while simultaneously breaking the internet. With that said, I’m OK with the baby steps approach that’s happening between SNL and Eddie. Let’s hope him showing up for the special eventually leads to him hosting the show one day.

– Ryan


‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ & ‘The Californians’ Both Made Hysterical Returns During Last Nights #SNL40 Celebration

Last nights SNL 40 celebration was as great as expected, and maybe even better. In three and a half hours they paid tribute to stars that made show famous, as well as the crew, Lorne Michaels and all the legendary sketches and segments that have become apart of pop culture history. Two of the shows most well known sketches, Celebrity Jeopardy and The Californians, also made star studded returns. Celebrity Jeopardy was out first with Will Ferrell looking exactly the same as he did almost 20 years as Alex Trebek. Old faithful’s Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), Tony Bennett (Alec Baldwin) and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) mixed it up with Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon), Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) and Christoph Waltz (Taran Killam). The best part of any Celebrity Jeopardy sketch involved the interaction between Trebek and Connery, and Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond just have a comedic chemistry that will never die (they were equally as awesome as Al Gore and George Bush). Norm MacDonald’s Burt Reynolds impression is always top notch, and his asinine Andre the Giant anecdotes were consistently hysterical. Alec Baldwin did a spot on out of loop semi racist Tony Bennett, and Kate McKinnon’s Bieber continues to be my new favorite impression. Also, Sean Connery turning simple expressions into dirty terms will NEVER get old.

The Californians was equally as funny, minus the Taylor Swift appearance. What kind of accent was that exactly? I understand she’s not an actor but if you have ALL THE GREATEST FEMALE SKETCH COMEDIANS EVER in one room and you choose to put T-Swift in a sketch she better deliver. She did not, but with awesome cameos from Bradley Cooper, Kerry Washington and Betty White, the skit was still a highlight of the show. Also, how about that sweet embrace from Betty and Bradley? They’re the real America’s Sweethearts.

– Ryan

I Need an SNL Celebrity Jeopardy DVD

This weekend I had a discussion with a few of my amigo’s (or I had a dream. Either scenario is possible. I drank a lot this weekend) about why SNL has never released a Celebrity Jeopardy dvd. Watch that :30 second clip. Now imagine that kind of universal humor, only this time its part of a two hour dvd. I’ve never been one to toot my own horn, but toot toot baby. An SNL Celebrity Jeopardy dvd would sell like hot cakes. You have its greatest performer, Will Ferrell, plus a ridiculous supporting cast all absolutely nailing dumb downed version of celebrities. Its one of the best recurring skits in SNL history, and the needy side of me wants that greatness at the tips of my fingers. Enough of the sports extra skits or the commercial parodies dvd’s. We want Celebrity Jeopardy. Seacrest out.

– Ryan

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