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Watch Eddie Vedder Perform An Emotional Version Of ‘Better Man’ On Late Night With David Letterman

David Letterman fades into the sunset after tomorrow night’s final ‘Late Show’, but the last few weeks have been full of tributes and songs from the best entertainers in the world. Last night was Eddie Vedder’s turn, and the Pearl Jam front man did not disappoint with his rendition of ‘Better Man’. ‘Better Man’ is one of the Pearl Jams best known songs, and the title also has a special significance to the late night host, as over the past couple of decades, it’s hard to find a better man at hosting late night TV than Dave. It’s also great to see just how important Letterman and his Worldwide Pants production company have been to a lot of comedians who have become household names. While it’s sad to see an icon go, the future is bright for late night TV, and I can guarantee Stephen Colbert will be a worthy replacement.

– Ryan

Trailer Alerts – Supergirl & Legends Of Tomorrow

DC Comics is coming in hot today, releasing a first look for ‘Supergirl’, their new show on CBS and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, their new show on the CW Network. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ looks like it will primarily feature The Flash and Arrow, but there’s an entire case of villains and heroes that are listed on the show’s IMDB page. Rip Hunter (sneaky awesome name) is at the forefront of this massive group of heroes and villains, as he’s a time traveler who brings all these mofo’s together. That’s pretty much where my comic book knowledge starts and ends, but if it’s good TV, I’ll watch it. Supergirl, on the other hand, seems like a mix of The Devil Wears Prada and Superman, and I’m 100% on board. It helps that Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is easy on the eyes, but it also seems about time Supergirl got a fair shot at becoming a part of pop culture. We’ve seen what Superman can do a million times over, so why not give Supergirl a chance. Plus, Kara Zor-El is a badass name. Both shows are scheduled to debut in late 2015.

– Ryan

Great Lincoln’s Beard: Ron Burgundy Is Writing A Memoir

“Ron Burgundy’s “classy” life story will soon be coming to book shelves. A memoir about San Diego’s fictional Action 4 News Team anchor was announced on Wednesday to coincide with the upcoming release of “Anchorman: The Legend Continues,” a sequel to the 2004 hit comedy starring Will Ferrell, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” “Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings” will chronicle Burgundy’s beginnings, from his early childhood to his rise as a star journalist. No topics are off limits, including Burgundy’s many love conquests and his beloved dog, Baxter. “The list of legendary American broadcast news journalists is short: Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and, of course, Ron Burgundy,” said Mauro Di Preta, vice president and editor-in-chief at the memoir’s publishing house, Crown Archetype. “The printed page will allow Ron to tell his story in a much more intimate way. ‘Let Me Off at the Top!’ will be a classic for years to come.” “Burgundy” also has high hopes for the memoir. “I don’t know if it’s the greatest autobiography ever written. I’m too close to the work,” Burgundy said in a press release, adding,”I will tell you this much: The first time I sat down and read this thing…I cried like a goddamn baby, and you can take that to the bank!” “Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings” will be released in digital and print formats on Nov. 19.” – CBS News


Will Ferrell and company sure do know how to build anticipation for a movie. Apparently the book, titled Let Me Off At The Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings, will document Ron Burgundy’s entire life, from childhood to his exploits as an anchorman. I have a feeling we’ve seen the last of Will Ferrell until Anchorman premieres December 20th. He’s 100% Ron Burgundy now. While I can’t see many other movies adopting this type of marketing strategy, one thing is for sure: no one transforms themselves into the characters they play better than Will Ferrell.

– Ryan

Cowboys Fans Can’t Win

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will miss OTAs after undergoing surgery to remove a cyst on his back, according to various reports. He’s still expected to return in time for training camp, and the surgery was characterized as “minor. “If this was the regular season and I had to play next week, I could,” Romo told the Dallas Morning News on Monday night. “This is just about being smart. “That’s why I did it now. This will have no effect on training camp. No way will it have an impact. And I still think there’s a good chance I’m on the field for mini-camp.” Romo, one of the most-scrutinized quarterbacks in the entire league, will face even more examination this year after signing a $108 million contract extension in March and with the front office publicly stating that Romo can lead the Cowboys to a championship. Romo, who’s expected to miss at least three weeks, said his back had been nagging him this off-season. The team website writes that Romo hasn’t been participating in off-season throwing sessions with the team, and he hasn’t played golf like usual. “It was something I felt like was nagging me just enough,” Romo told the Morning News. “I wanted to make sure to get it done now. I wanted to take care of it earlier rather than later … “It was not much of anything. I just went in and had them look at it. It was more of an ache than anything. I just thought, ‘Well, it’s something I’d rather not feel.’” For this week’s OTAs, it’s expected that backup Kyle Orton will lead the first team offense.” –CBSSports

Talk about a kick in the nuts. You know when every Cowboys fan read that Romo was having surgery they were telling each other how much they hate coloring and electrocuting themselves all over Texas (I’m assuming every Cowboys fan is like my friend). Have no fear Cowboys fans, he’ll be back for training camp, cyst-less and full of brand new ideas that will ruin your entire season. If they weren’t the owner and quarterback of the largest franchise in sports, respectively, I truly think Jerry Jones and Romo could go on tour as a comedy team. Jerry Jones comes out to warm up the crowd: “Hey kids, you want to see $108 million dissappear?”. Romo comes out, attempts to throw a pass to Jones but it sails over his head and knocks some lady unconscious, then sprints off stage. I’d pay top dollar to see that show. All jokes aside, do Cowboys fans really expect anything from this group? I know Jones had his success with the greatest gay athlete of all-time, Troy Aikman, in the early 90s, but that was literally 20 years ago. He’s going to be 100 years old soon. And anyone who continues to support someone who broke up with Carrie Underwood is bat shit crazy. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it once, if his off the field decision making is shaky, he’s going to drop an important snap and throw the ball to the other team.

I can’t completely bash the Cowboys, though. There are a few silver linings. The great Kyle Orton will take Romo’s place until he returns. To be honest, I’m just happy to hear Kyle Orton is still alive. The fact that he isn’t face down in a ditch with some hooker is absolutely amazing. At least after this year, the Cowboys can wash their hands with Romo and start from scratch…oh wait, you paid him $108 million over the next six years! Enjoy the cheerleaders. SIX MORE YEARS! SIX MORE YEARS! SIX MORE YEARS!

– Ryan

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