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Someone Ask Me If I “Have a Case of The Mondays”, I Double Dog Dare You

Stupidest saying on the face of the earth, besides, of course: Yolo, Team_____ (i.e. Team iPhone), Sorry Not Sorry, _____Flow (i.e. Gym Flow), and “started from the bottom, now we here”.


Matt’s Music Monday – The Doors

Everyone’s a little strange on Monday mornings, some more than others. I’m looking at you Lady Gaga

gaga copy

What the hell is happening in her new music video. Take it down a notch Gaga, or else you will go the way of Britney.


Music Monday : Nirvana


Nothing soothes my brain like a Nirvana playlist on a Monday morning. My album pick for today is ‘Nirvana Unplugged in New York’.  This is an incredible live album that features most of the bands top hits and a few you’ve never heard before.  It can be streamed for free on the desktop version of spotify, enjoy!


PS- The above song is a cover that Nirvana does incredibly well.  Another version of the song is done by Kid Cudi.  Check it out on his album “WZRD’. It is worth a listen.

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