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Neil deGrasse Tyson Becomes a Pig for Disney’s “Gravity Falls”

Gravity Falls has a pretty stellar cast that includes John DiMaggio (Bender on Futurama and Jake on Adventure Time), former South Park writer and all-around funny girl Kirsten Schaal, SNL alum Will Forte, and Jason Ritter (who you may also have caught on an episode of Drunk History).

Tyson joins an amazing list of guest stars who have graced Gravity Falls. Mark Hammill, John Oliver, Nick Offerman, Larry King, and even Firefly’s Nathan Fillion have previously taken part in the hilarity.

I’m not sure where I have been all this time while a show like “Gravity Falls” sneaks right under my nose. Sounds and looks like a cartoon I could sink my teeth into. Something for the kids, something for the adults, and something for the geeks in all of us. Not to mention an all-star cast of guest voice actors! Kirsten Schaal and Will Forte is all I needed to hear.


Cyanide and Happiness Knows How To Tickle My Funny Bone




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