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Trailer Alert: Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

Few shows are as outrageously funny as Curb Your Enthusiasm, and even though it’s been 6 years to the day since the show last aired, it’s clear that nothing has changed. Curb has aged gracefully, and funny is funny, so I can’t imagine the time off equaling any kind of drop in quality. Plus, our best friend Bryan Cranston joined the cast as Larry’s therapist! Curb premieres Sunday, October 1st.


Trailer Alert – Last Flag Flying

Last Flag Flying, a movie based on the novel about three Vietnam War veterans who reunite to bury one of their sons who was killed in Iraq, is an emotional enough story without adding in two of my favorite living actors. Steve Carell & Bryan Cranston play two of the Vietnam vets (and we learn in the trailer it’s Carell’s son who dies in Iraq) and this movie honestly had me at “Steve Carell & Bryan Cranston play Vietnam veteran buddies”. I will watch this movie if it’s the last thing I do.

Last Flag Flying opens November 3rd.


Trailer Alert -Trumbo

Trumbo follows famed screenwriter James Dalton Trumbo, played by Cranston, while he was blacklisted in Hollywood. For those of you who don;t know about the “blacklist”, here’s a little background into this time in America. Back when our country was stirring with the paranoia of communism there was something called the “blacklist”. This “blacklist” denied any work to the person on it, so you could see how this could put a damper in the life of someone on it. Trumbo is the story of James Trumbo’s work while on the blacklist.

Alongside Cranston is a cast I can only describe as delightful. Louis CK, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane and John Goodman to name a few. I plan on seeing this at a local theater sometime next week. If it’s playing near you I suggest you do the same.


PS – Ryan and I were going to see this movie regardless of what the trailer and reviews showed. Gotta support our good buddy Bry.



Comic-Con Wrap Up: If You Ask Bryan Cranston A Question, His Answer Might Include Having Sex With Your Mother

This kid thought he was going to have his shining moment, asking Bryan Cranston a question at Comic-Con. While it was a pretty poor question, I can honestly say I did not expect that answer. Albuquerque, New Mexico isn’t exactly Barcelona, Spain, so I’m not sure what Bryan Cranston was supposed to say here. If I had any advice for that kid, it’d be to get really drunk, walk two hours back to your friends apartment and then silently and awkwardly approach Bryan Cranston. That’s how you become best friends.


– Ryan

Bryan Cranston’s New MLB Commercial on TBS is [insert adjective of praise here]

Amazing. Perfect. Funny. Tantalizing. Groundbreaking. I really just love everything this guy does because everything he does is great. Whether it’s winning an Emmy, playing a sleaze ball pawn shop owner or impersonating all time historic baseball moments as part of a fictional one man show, he always hits it out of park (pun intended). If you didn’t laugh when he went full method is his black turtleneck studying Bugs Bunny and then threw the fake baseball into the audience then you are a thief of joy. And he is a dead ringer for Wade Boggs when he wears the Sox/Yankees uniforms. Also, did I mention we’re best friends?


– Ryan

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Reunited and It Feels So Good

There’s just something about Bryan Cranston wearing a gas mask that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love it. Need more of it.


Why The Average Nobodies Buying the LA Clippers is Good For the NBA, America

Now that Donald Sterling is banned from the NBA for life and will most likely have to sell the team, a lot of celebrities have chimed in on why THEY should buy the LA Clippers. Floyd Mayerweather, Oprah, Dr. Dre, Larry Ellison, Frankie Muniz; pretty much everyone is trying to get in while the getting’s good. What do these people have that we don’t have? Money? Power? Fame? Respect? The answer to all of those questions are yes (except for Frankie Muniz’s fame), but we don’t care about any of those things. Why? Because we have a plan. A plan that we created a few hours ago that will change the NBA forever. We’ve narrowed our plan down to 6 key points:


1. We’d bring back theme nights ala Jackie Moon with the Flint Tropics. Rotissserie chicken night. Glow in the dark night. Authenitc jersey on a pole night. If there’s one thing we don’t lack, it’s imagination. Would these theme nights translate well into reality? Who cares, as long as it gets butts in the seats. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

2. We’d play in some of the games. Admittedly this kind of a selfish point, but if we own an NBA franchise there is a 100% chance that we will make the active roster at some point during our tenure.  To be honest, we think that’s what the game is lacking. Yeah it’s fun watching these gargantuan athletes dunk the ball all the time but what about some real, old fashioned basketball? Pick and rolls, layups, high shorts. Bring a little old school charm back to the league. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

3. We have no shortage of new team names and mascots. The Clipper’s ship has sailed (see what I did there?). It’s time for this LA franchise to take on a new identity, and we have the perfect suggestions for a town of this magnitude. Who wouldn’t love to see the LA Traffic Jams storming the court? I can see the posters now: “Tonight the Traffic Jams look to put the Heat in Park!” BOOM. Marketing 101. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

4. We would write story lines into every game. Kind of like professional wrestling……actually, exactly like professional wrestling. I’m talking tables, chairs, bra and panty matches (cheerleaders not players),  hell, fire, brimstone, and barbed wire. Our first act as owners would be to get Jim Ross and Joey Styles to do commentary. MAH GOD IT’S BLAKE GRIFFIN! Also, we’re not horrible racists.

5. We would get heavy hitting names to sing the national anthem. I’m sick of watching basketball games with Harry from Tempe, Arizona or Janette from Shrewsbury singing the national anthem. I want big time solo artists or bands on that parque floor. It’s the national anthem! Having all these nobodies (no pun intended) butcher it every home game and making it lose it’s prestige. The first night we take over, Huey Lewis and The News will be singing the national anthem. Beat that, Oprah. Also, we’re not horrible racists.

6. Also, we’re not horrible racists. Self explanatory.

Come on, who wouldn’t us owning a NBA team?! We already have famous friends and that’s pretty much half of owning a pro sports team.



-The Average Nobodies

In Case you Missed it: We Became Best Friends With Bryan Cranston Over the Weekend


Obviously we hang out all the time now.

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