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Your Average Game 1 Recap & Boston Bruins Playoff Preview

It wouldn’t be a playoff preview from the Average Nobodies if it was posted on time right?

Well anyways, game 1 is in the books and the Bruins are up 1-0 in their first seven game series of the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Ottawa Senators. After a stalemate of a first period and a shot less second period, the Bruins got a much needed boost from recently slumping goal scorer in Frank Vatrano. He tied the game at 1 early in the third period with a snipe of a shot from the slot. Now, we’ve seen the Bruins lose in the closing minutes of a game previously this season, but the boys were able to close it out after a stellar possession in the offensive zone. The line of Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak, Chara and McAvoy ultimately out hustled and out worked a tired Senators line to give the B’s the go ahead goal with under 3 minutes to play in regulation.

BruinsWordmarkThis has to be a great confidence booster for a Bruins team that’s starting this playoff run pretty banged up. Down top 6 forward David Krejci, hard nosed center Noel Accari, top 4 D-men Torey Krug and Brandon Carlo, the Bruins that were in the lineup made a statement Wednesday night. Sparked by a razor sharp performance from goaltender Tuukka Rask, the Bruins never lost their composure and were able to pull out the win on the road.

Highly touted 19 year old rookie defenseman Charlie McAvoy played in his first NHL game Wednesday night for the Bruins and he did not disappoint. McAvoy is the real deal ladies and gentleman. He played with the confidence and poise of a veteran, and never looked lost in the moment. McAvoy looks like the type of player who brings his A game every shift on both ends of the ice. That is EXACTLY the type of player the Bruins have been missing in their past few playoff runs; a defenseman that can SCORE. I’m personally very excited to have him in a black and gold sweater for this run and hopefully many more to come.

Looking ahead, if the Bruins can get healthy I can see them continuing to win against the Ottawa Senators in the 1st round. However, if the injuries continue to linger and pile up, they will have trouble against stronger teams such as Montreal , Pittsburgh or Washington. I don’t like to make a prediction of who will win it all because there are so many factors that come into play and I genuinely just enjoy watching these playoff games because the guys out there on the ice are letting it all out to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup. There truly is nothing better to watch than playoff hockey.

I will say this though: a hot goaltender can win you a Stanley Cup, and no goalie in the league is hotter right now than Tuukka Rask. After some scrutiny by Boston sports media, Tuuk has buckled down and shut his doubters up by standing on his head to get us into the playoffs and that looks to have poured over into the postseason.

Fuck it, I think we’re going to see a 7 game final, and a rematch from 2013 with the Boston Bruins taking on the Chicago Blackhawks for the greatest trophy in all of sports.



For Some Reason a Boston Bruins Fan Got a Tattoo of the PK Subban/Shawn Thornton Water Bottle Incident


(Yahoo Sports)

Not sure what the point of this is. Didn’t the Bruins lose that series? And didn’t they lose it to the Canadiens, their hated rivals? Why would you want to commemorate that series? Yeah the water bottle incident was funny but it died out after about 40 minutes, and then your team lost the series and went fishing. Maybe next time get a tattoo of a happy Boston Bruins memory. That way you won’t start sobbing every time you have to explain the tattoo.

– Ryan

Mayor Marty Walsh is Really Warming Himself Up to Bostonians

Oh Canada – The Montreal Canadiens flag will be flying in front of Boston City Hall in the next few days, if the Boston mayor follows through on his bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. The Habs defeated the Boston Bruins 3-1 on Wednesday in Game 7 of the series, eliminating them from the playoffs.

Bruins fans are licking their wounds today, but Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has a bet to fulfill.

The mayors of the rival teams’ hometowns bet that whoever lost the series would have to wear the other town’s jersey and fly the team’s flag at City Hall for a week. A spokeswoman for the Boston mayor’s office said they intend to make good on their bet, but they’re having a hard time getting their hands on a Canadiens flag.

Will Ferrell WTF?

I don’t like calling people the R word but Marty Walsh is really stupid. You’re the new guy in town, Marty. Don’t go making bets with the mayor of Montreal that’ll force you to fly the Canadiens flag at Boston Town Hall. Just a dumb move. I’m not a big hockey fan but I don’t want  a Canadiens flag flying in Beantown. No need for it. The Canadiens played better this series and deserved to move on but don’t test my politeness. I can get real nasty real quick. I’ll tell you who would never agree to this:


The day Mumbles agrees to a bet that would end in a Canadien flag flying in Boston is the day he pronounces someone’s name right.

– Ryan

The Worst Week In Boston Sports History

Layout 1

What is happening?! This has to go down in the history books as the worst week in Boston sports history.  I’m going to call it “The Beantown Blackout “. SportsCenter, take notice!

And what do Boston fans have to show for all this heartache? Kris Humphries………..GREAT


Chara Would Have Eaten You, Crosby


Here is a little something I made to commemorate the Bruins sweep of the Penguins.  Stupid, flightless, birds.


My Hockey Rant: An Objection to Berno’s “Completely Biased Opinion”

It’s the NHL playoffs, specifically the semi-finals in case you live under a rock. Every year around this time I have to constantly hear why hockey is the greatest sport, and the players are the toughest athletes, blah blah blah. My Facebook explodes with people who feel the need to defend hockey for whatever reason. If the players are so damn tough, let their play and their athletic ability speak for itself. By the way, the only people who chirp about hockey are ex-hockey players. It’s like playing the sport for so many years inflicts an intense inferiority complex that lasts a lifetime. Relax people, it’s a great sport, we get it! There are no other fans on Earth that bitch and moan about their sport not getting enough attention. If you think your sport isn’t getting enough attention place blame on the NHL execs; it’s not the sport, it’s the poor management of the league itself.
Before we start talking about who the toughest athletes in the world, let’s all just take a deep breath and say to ourselves, “What does it really matter?” I’m not going to sit here and take away from what Campbell did the other night. What he did was nothing short of incredible, through pain and agony he finished his shift. But let’s consider the circumstances. He broke his fibula, and important bone to say the least, but did it snap in half like Kevin Ware’s tibia, the weight bearing bone in the lower leg? I suppose he should’ve gotten up and limped around until the next whistle. All I’m saying is there’s instances of heroism in the face of injuries in every sport, but every hockey player in the world get’s a purple star if one player gets hurt, like they all endured it. Let’s give Campbell credit instead of everyone who’s ever picked up a hockey stick. Another question is “Was it a smart move?” What Campbell did was heroic, but if it were the middle of the season, we may be singing a different tune. I can hear the pundits, “He should’ve stayed down, he could’ve furthered his injury and missed more time of the season.” I’d like to refer to Exhibit A: RGIII playing with a torn up knee. As it is he’s only going to miss about 5 games (because the Bruins are going to sweep this and the next series).
If I had to choose the toughest athletes in sports I have to go with offensive and defensive linemen. The big guys, the trench men, they undergo anywhere from 45-60 snaps a game of head to head collisions that are equivalent to small car accidents every single time. Literally, the only stats that ever gets mentioned is snap count and starts, so if they endure less that 45 small car accidents a game, they’re considered below average.
And can we stop it with the whole “fighting is allowed” thing? It’s a penalty, you go to the box. That’s like saying tripping, slashing and high sticking is allowed. Fighting is allowed in football too, your team just gets a 15 yard penalty instead getting put in timeout. Now it’s smart to put your team a man down? Consider the potential for injury, punching someone in the face is a good way to get a boxer’s break, or a break in the fourth or fifth metacarpal, now you’ve just lowered your value to your team as well as your resign value. No wonder why hockey players get paid less, more chance of injury ; but hell, have your cake and eat it too! “Sean Lite, that’s why you have goons to go out there and pick fights with their best players.” To which I reply, “so your sacrificing on-ice talent in the hopes the other premier player loses his cool and swings back?” I don’t know, doesn’t seem like a sound strategy to me, not saying all hockey teams try to do this, but it’s the way it gets explained.
You must think I hate hockey, this is not the case, I thoroughly enjoy watching the sport. Personally it falls in third of my list of favorite spectator sports, just behind college basketball and just before Olympic curling (can’t wait). Yes, professional hockey players are tough while being very athletic and, let’s face it, graceful; as much as diehard hockey fans would hate that word. The sport doesn’t need saving, stop forcing athleticism and toughness down the casual fan’s throat; it’s not a good look.
End of Rant. Out of breath.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. Go Bruins.

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