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Comic-Con Wrap Up: If You Ask Bryan Cranston A Question, His Answer Might Include Having Sex With Your Mother

This kid thought he was going to have his shining moment, asking Bryan Cranston a question at Comic-Con. While it was a pretty poor question, I can honestly say I did not expect that answer. Albuquerque, New Mexico isn’t exactly Barcelona, Spain, so I’m not sure what Bryan Cranston was supposed to say here. If I had any advice for that kid, it’d be to get really drunk, walk two hours back to your friends apartment and then silently and awkwardly approach Bryan Cranston. That’s how you become best friends.


– Ryan

Aaron Paul is the Coolest Human on the Planet

Last night I was celebrating my one year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend. We went to one of our favorite sushi spots in Boston, Fin’s (In Kenmore Square). It was an ordinary night until we went to pay the check. I looked down at my phone after signing the bill and what do I see, but a Periscope notification alerting me Aaron Paul was live. Usually I don’t click on periscope notifications, because I get a ton of them (Seriously Periscope, chill out), but I had the urge to see what Mr. Pinkman was up to. Come to find out he was in our neck of the woods and was inviting his fans to come see ‘Mad Max’ with him! We dashed out of the restaurant and down the street to the Regal Cinema in Fenway. Just like he said he would be, we found Aaron hanging out outside the theater. He was so awesome, and after a moment of chatting he gave us a group hug and agreed to take one of those new fangled selfie pictures i’ve been hearing all about. Here it is…


Best night ever right? Well, it isn’t over just yet! He whips out a pile of movie tickets and gave us two and said “see you guys inside!”. So in we went to the theater! A few minutes later Aaron came in bearing two huge buckets of popcorn and a soda. He came up to us, gave us one of the popcorn buckets (instructed us to share with others in our row) and started to chat with us. Did I mention what an awesome guy he was?

Than you Aaron, for making our anniversary a night we won’t soon forget!



Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Read The Final Scene of Breaking Bad

The Final Scene of Breaking Bad

“I want this”. That lines still gives me chills when I hear it. How about Walt and Jesse just causally reading the final scene on a couch together. No need for a fancy table read. Aaron Paul’s first reaction to the end is exactly the reaction every fan of Breaking Bad should have….”It’s perfect”. As perfect as a TV series I have ever watched.

How about Vince Gillian being a genius with the line “Like Satan’s windshield wiper”. Fucking AWESOME.


Better Call Saul Webisodes Are Here! Thank You, Internets!

Breaking Bad fans, we are getting closer to the premiere of “Better Call Saul”! This little webisode is said to be the beginning of many little videos leading up to the premiere of this long awaited spinoff. My bagel wasn’t toasted enough this morning….BETTER CALL SAUL.



AMC Released A New Greetings From The Set Video For Better Call Saul That Revealed Mike Ehrmantrout Is Coming Back To My TV

I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll like Better Call Saul. On the one hand you have a great writer and creator in Vince Gilligan matched up with a great cast. On the other hand, you’re dipping back into Breaking Bad, which was so great, and ended so perfectly. It’d be like Leonardo Da Vinci deciding he wanted to re paint the Mona Lisa only this time he painted what she would like look 5 years younger. This promo from AMC, which features an interview with Jonathan Banks aka Mike Ehrmantrout, definitely helps things. Mike was one of my favorite characters on Breaking Bad, and seeing him not dead near a river somewhere is going to be delightful. I’ll be giving Better Call Saul a try. Hopefully it’s worth it.

– Ryan

“Better Call Saul” Gets a Teaser! – Vince Gilligan Talks His New Show

Cannot wait for February.


Aaron Paul Is Having a ‘Breaking Bad’ Scavenger Hunt in LA Before Monday’s Emmy Awards Because He Is a Sweet, Beautiful Prince

BBAaron Paul will hide “Breaking Bad” memorabilia around Los Angeles on Monday ahead of that evening’s Emmy Awards, the show’s star announced Wednesday evening on Instagram.

“There will be signed Breaking Bad scripts, posters, dolls, action figures and some really cool Breaking Bad art hidden all over the Hollywood area,” the actor, who portrayed Jesse Pinkman in the hit show, wrote. “Just wanted to do a little something to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has supported us thru out the years. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Every time I see a story about Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul or Breaking Bad it makes my heart sing. Per usual, this is awesome, because pretty much everything Aaron Paul does is awesome. Oh the Emmy awards are coming up? I’ll just make every Breaking Bad fans day and have a scavenger hunt in LA with signed memorabilia from the show. Every other nominee will just show up in their dress/tux and go through the motions. Not Aaron Paul. I’ve never seen someone more grateful for their success and I’ve never loved anyone more for it. Scavenger hunt, bitch!

– Ryan

I Don’t Know How I Missed These Father’s Day Videos, and For That I am Truly Sorry.

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