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Trailer Alert: War Machine

The Netflix takeover continues to roll full steam ahead, and we’re only two weeks away from War Machine premiering on the streaming platform. This movie had me at ‘Brad Pitt war movie’ but this new trailer has a lot to offer. Brad Pitt seemed to summon a few of Aldo Rayne’s mannerisms for his portrayal of fictional General Glen McMahon and this trailer has all the signs of a great performance. Rounding out the cast is Anthony Michael Hall, Ben Kingsley, Tilda Swinton and one of my favorite young actors Emory Cohen (The Place Beyond The Pines, The OA). War Machine beings streaming May 26th.


New Trailer – ‘Fury’ [Starring Brad Pitt]

Brad Pitt loves killing Germans.  This cast has the potential for one hell of a movie. Michael Pena has had my attention ever since ‘End of Watch’.


The Four Types of People You Follow On Twitter

Four Types of Twitter Follows

I have a confession to make: I love Twitter. It’s Facebook’s cool, hot cousin and it’s taken over the world. You can’t turn on a show without seeing each person’s twitter handle flashed beneath their name plate. While Twitter is mostly a positive thing, it does have one major drawback: anyone can tweet. Personally, I like to follow a lot of celebrities and professional wrestlers, which most of the time is really cool, primarilly because of the chance to interact with people who you would normally only be able to watch on TV. For every John Krasinki and Aaron Paul, there are thousands of keyboard warriors who ruin my day. With that said, here are the four types of people you follow on Twitter.


(Actors, Athletes, Musicians, Comedians) – Love ’em. I’m a huge movie, TV, sports fan, so to to be able to see celebrities interact via social media has always seemed cool to me. It almost feels like I’ve entered their inner circle, and I’m step one away from Clooney’s fancy, skinny dipping parties. I rank the celebrities slightly higher than my friends, mainly because celebrities post pictures of their yachts in Cabo and my friends post pictures of each other sleeping. (FYI: Clooney and Bill Paxton don’t have Twitter, and no I’m not ok with it.)

Stage 1 & 2 Friends

96% of my Twitter followers are people I’ve met at some point in my life. (the other 4% are sex bots) I’m not a complete savage, so naturally I follow some of those people back. Stage 1 friends are the people I associate with on a day-to-day or at least semi frequent basis. Then you have the Stage 2 or outer crust friends. These are the people you see at a bar on a random Friday night and they say “it’s been too long” but in the back of your mind your thinking even if you lived to be 500 years old it would be too soon to see them. Most of them live the same life as me, and I’m sure they’re just as bored with my tweets as I am with theirs, but without them, my @ tab would never have a down arrow. Celebrities may be cooler, but friends are more important (Clooney and Bill Paxton once again are the exceptions)


Not quite celebrities, definitely not friends. But an integral part of your Twitter life nonetheless. Adam Schefter may be a midget, but on draft day, he’s the tallest man in the room. Consistently breaking NFL related stories before all the major networks (including his own). Depending on the season, this type of tweeter could potentially sneak into my top spot. Whether it’s movie news (indiewire) wrestling news (ewrestling) or random celebrity insanity (TMZ), the news breakers will always hold a special place in my peanut sized heart.

Porn Stars

I had to seperate the porn stars from the celebrities. Now when I first started following porn stars on Twitter, I expected them to be like everyone else. Do they get stuffed up for a living? Yes they do. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and asssumed their tweets would be just like any other self respecting actress. Boy was I wrong. Some of the filthiest shit I have ever seen in words has come from the fingers of one Bibi Jones. Oh you can’t find a decent guy? Maybe don’t tweet about jamming objects into every hole of your body next time. (Keep tweeting nude pics please)

Are there more than four types of people on Twitter? No.


Nobody puts Jennifer Aniston In A Corner

Recently Angelina Jolie let Brad Pitt out of the house and allowed him to attend the world premiere of his new film World War Z. If we need one thing in this world, its another post apocalyptic movie where one weirdly in shape man takes on a bunch of zombies. I’m not here to bash the movie, because I’ll probably see it and fall madly in love with it. I do, however, have a problem with his unflattering comments towards Miss Jennifer Aniston. For anyone who missed it, he claims that his marriage to Aniston was boring and he had an “epiphany” during the relationship which restarted his life and blah blah blah.

Let me get this straight: making sweet love to one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, spending months vacationing around the world, endless ketchup fights and arguing over who makes more money is a boring marriage? I’d stay with her just for the ketchup fights, nevermind the other perks. But maybe Brad didnt like that life. He wanted a simpler life without the public spotlight constantly shining on him. What’s his next move? He hooks up with the ice queen herself, Angelina Jolie. I’m not one to judge, but anyone who has made out with her brother and wore a vile of Billy Bob Thorton’s blood around her neck would’nt be my ideal spouse. I’m picking that “boring” lifestyle every goddamn day. Enjoy your new exciting life with your League of Nations children, Mr. Pitt. We’ll see you in the sunshine.


P.S. – In the real world, that “epiphany” you had is called cheating on your wife you beautiful piece of shit.

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