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Vince McMahon Got Inducted Into The Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame Last Night & Wore A Powerful USA Tie


Vince McMahon was inducted into the Boys & Girls Club of America Hall of Fame last night, and while I haven’t seen any other pictures of guests from the event, it’s safe to say he was best dressed there. I’m pretty sure Vince sleeps in a suit, and while his sanity and vision can be questioned at times, his patriotism can not. This is the same guy who held the first public assembly two days after 9/11, and the same guy who created the Tribute to the Troops, where WWE superstars and Divas fly overseas to perform for the brave men women in our armed forces. Congrats to Vinnie Mac. I sincerely hope he did the VKM walk last night.

Vince McMahon Walk

– Ryan

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