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What is Wrong With This Guy



You’ve probably seen this kid all over the internet in the last 24 hours. If not, this is the dick that ran through the Boston marathon memorial event yesterday and dropped a unmarked bag while chanting “Boston strong”. Above is his facebook page and below are some of his YouTube videos.

I have seen a lot of deranged people cross my computer since we started this blog, but this by far is the one that leaves me the most dumbfounded and angry. Like really guy? Save all your strange for another day, not only was this careless and stupid, but it was also dangerous for everyone involved. Less than a year ago we had the city of Boston brought to its knees by 2 kids (kids that he apparently idolizes) and you want to pull this? Get the hell out of here, guy.


PS- I can’t stress enough how haunting these videos are. Makes Florida look like Maine.


Best Sports Illustrated Cover of All Time?


Big Papi with the Boston bombings first responders? You’re damn right it is. Sorry Kate, this even beats out your swimsuit covers.


PS- Worst SI Cover?


Matt’s Music Monday – Dirty Water


Still on a high from last Wednesday! Have a great week, America. The Sox are #1!




Taking Bets – Will Brandon Bass Drown Before He Learns to Swim?

brandon Bass swims

I have been following this story for a while now. The deal is that Celtics forward, Brandon Bass, is learning to swim…at age 28. Why? So that other kids will learn this useful life skill. That’s all well and good, but I’m not sure if Brandon knew what he was getting himself into. We are well over a month into this charity event, and Brandon still can’t swim. Let’s take a look.


Looking out of place would be an understatement here. Kids goggles on his head and the the classic “I’m fucked” look on his face.


Followed by Bass swimming towards the arms of his instructor. Do you think he freaks out if he can’t touch the bottom? By the panicked look on his face I can tell he does. I taught swim lessons for a while and I can tell you that kids like Bass are the worst to deal with. Always needing to be held while in the deep end and shit. Crying, throwing fits, just completely out of hand. Maybe he just needs a sink or swim situation to finally get this whole swimming thing through his over-sized head. Just toss him in the deep end and see what happens. Worst case scenario, Celtics gain a little cap space.

Taking bets! Sink or Swim?


PS- We can parlay the bet with whether or not he takes another kid down with him.

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