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Jackie Bradley Jr. Casually Making Home Run Saving Catches Continues To Be My Favorite Thing #RedSox

If you need me today, I’ll be watching that video on a continuous loop. Jackie Bradley Jr. is basically a human highlight reel at this point, and the only thing more impressive than his catches are the time of the game when he makes them. When he robbed a homerun in Oakland earlier this year, it was in the bottom of the 9th of a 0-0 game. Last night’s catch might’ve been more impressive, and it happened with a runner on in the top of 8th with the Red Sox clinging to a 3-0 lead. If he doesn’t make that catch it’s 3-2, and it’s a totally different ballgame. Unreal stuff. If I’m a pitcher on the Red Sox and I can turn around and see #19 is behind me, I know something special might be happening at some point.



#RedSox Fans Rejoice: Don Orsillo Will Call Next Saturday’s Red Sox/Astros Game

So Happy!

Ever since Don Orsillo was let go before the beginning of last year, something has been missing from Red Sox broadcasts. Dave O’Brien is a good announcer and does a serviceable job, but the back and forth between Don and Jerry Remy or Don and Dennis Eckersley was an event in itself. He was also a fantastic play by play announcer who had a knack for showing the perfect amount of emotion in big moments, something that every hometown play by play guy should be able to bring out from time to time. While we won’t get Don and Jerry or Don and Eck, at least we’ll get Don in some capacity for what is hopefully a great game. Houston is the best team in baseball right now and the Red Sox are finally starting to get hot, so maybe Don will get to call a couple Red Sox home runs for old times sake.


Craig Kimbrel’s Stats Over The First 46 Games Are Insane #RedSox

Batters when they see Kimbrel warming up

The Red Sox have been inconsistent at best this season, but when they’ve played good baseball (like their current 4 game win streak) they’ve usually included high doses of Craig Kimbrel. Here are his stats at a glance:

20 games/20.2 innings pitched 2-0 record 12 saves 6 hits 2 earned runs 2 walks 40 strikeouts 0.87ERA

That 40/2 strikeout to walk ratio is OK I guess, and the 40 K’s in 20.2 innings equals a ridiculous 17.42 K’s per 9 innings. He struck out 4 guys in an inning of work last night! The deeper you dig into Kimbrel’s stats, the more impressive they become. Right handed batters are 0-38 against Kimbrel on the season. A quick Twitter search of Kimbrel’s name reveals some truly amazing recent stats as well:

With John Farrell finally switching up the lineup, the dominance of Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel and the hopeful reemergence of David Price, this could be a really fun summer for Red Sox fans.


Manny Machado Is Mad The Red Sox Keep Throwing At Him

If you don’t feel like watching the video, I can sum up Machado’s interview in a GIF:

Berrinche Tantrum GIF - Berrinche Tantrum Child GIFs

Look, I’m a Red Sox fan so I’m obviously going to side with them in this situation, but Machado just comes off as a whiner, especially when you look at the big picture. Manny Machado slid late and injured Dustin Pedroia a few weeks ago. I won’t call it a dirty play because that implies that Machado was trying to hurt Pedroia intentionally and I don’t think that was the case. Pedroia did end up getting hurt and missing some games though, and Pedroia is the longest tenured Red Sox on the roster. The unwritten rules of baseball state that if you injure one of my guys, intentionally or not, I’m going to throw some heat at you. While I don’t like that Matt Barnes threw at Machado’s head, I do agree that he should’ve been thrown at. The Orioles felt compelled to respond and over the last two games have thrown at Andrew Benetendi’s head and hit Mookie Betts in the thigh. The Betts pitch was inarguably intentional and while some say the Benetendi pitch was an accident, it was still a fastball up near the head.

If I’m Manny Machado, I’m expecting something coming at me very fast, and that’s exactly what Chris Sale did last night. For Machado to react the way he did in the post game interview is childish, and if he wasn’t expecting to be thrown at again then he needs to wake the hell up. If he really wants to place the blame somewhere for the ‘rivalry’ between the Sox and O’s, maybe he should have a talk with his manager who has consistently whined about the Red Sox for the past 6 years. If it’s not the Red Sox high salary (which is a laughable argument, considering the O’s have a salary north of $150 million) it’s that the Sox get too much sympathy for player’s who were battling the flu. Showalter is an instigator, and whether he does it because he actually hates the Red Sox or because of his own glaring shortcomings as a Major League manager is besides the point. Baseball is a reactionary sport, and if Manny Machado doesn’t want to get thrown at anymore, he should sit his ass on the bench, because the Sox aren’t going to stop coming for him.


David Price Is Signing With The Red Sox, & God Forbid Anybody Has An Opinion About It

MONEY David Price has reached an agreement on a seven-year, $217 million deal with the Boston Red Sox, sources confirmed to ESPN.

The Boston Globe first reported the agreement, citing a source.

Price, 30, was 18-5 with an AL-leading 2.45 ERA last season with the Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays. He was second in the AL in pitching WAR at 6.0 in 2015.

The five-time All-Star has an opt-out after three years with no deferred money. The yearly payout for Price is $30 million, $30 million, $30 million, $31 million, $32 million, $32 million and $32 million.

Got Paid

One of the worst things about being a Boston sports fan is having to listen to other sports fans (fellow Boston fans included) any time something big happens. The fact is this: since 2001, the four major Boston sports teams have NINE championships. That’s insane, especially if you’re a Patriots and Red Sox fan, who’ve won four and three championships, respectively. There’s no more Evil Empire, there’s no more Lovable Losers, there’s just the city of Boston currently enjoying the greatest run of championships I can ever remember. With all that winning brings a lot of horrible things, including bandwagon fans and the unconditional hate from opposing fans. Out of those four major sports teams, I’m only a Red Sox fan, so that’s where this argument is going to stay. Last offseason, the Red Sox signed Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, missed out on signing any semblance of an ace, and spent almost the entire season in last place. Hindsight being 20/20, those were some bad moves. When those moves were made, social media was cluttered with people just waiting to hate on whatever opinion a person had. If you were a Red Sox fan and DARED to support your team, you were ridiculed. If you were a Red Sox fan who opposed the moves, you were called out for not being a ‘real’ fan. If you were an opposing fan who liked or disliked the moves, your best bet was to stay off social media for a long time. Cut to December 2015, and the Red Sox signing David Price, and it’s last year all over again. Now if the Red Sox signed David Price for say, $150 million, it would probably be universally regarded as a great move. But since the number is an astronomical $217 million, it’s invited everyone out of their holes to give their opinion on it. No player is worth that kind of money, but at the same time, the Red Sox took an approach last season and felt that they didn’t need an ‘ace’ to be successful, and they were completely wrong. So when a new general manage takes over, you have to expect his philosophy to be as different as possible, or else why would you get a new general manager in the first place? David Price might struggle in the playoffs, but here’s the only stat I’m worried about at the moment:

Red Sox SP David Price
Win pct .481 .783
ERA 4.39 2.45<<
WHIP 1.33 1.08
K pct 19% 26%

Those are the numbers from last years Sox rotation compared with Price’s numbers last year. Is he worth $217 million? Nope. Is he going to make the Red Sox a better team this year? Absolutely. Get the duck boats ready.




Don Orsillo Will Reportedly Not Be The Red Sox Play By Play Guy Next Year Because The Red Sox Hate Their Fans

NOWe knew there would be plenty of changes for the Red Sox heading into 2016, but few anticipated that a major change would be coming to the television broadcast booth.

According to a report from WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan Morning Show,” this will be Don Orsillo’s final season as the play-by-play man for NESN’s Red Sox broadcasts.

Orsillo—currently in his 15th season calling Red Sox games on NESN—is a longtime fan favorite since moving up to the major league broadcasts in 2001 after serving five years as the play-by-play man for the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox. Orsillo became the full-time Red Sox voice in 2005 when NESN took over airing all Red Sox local telecasts.

First off, that boob grab video is one of the greatest videos of all time. Second off, what in the actual hell NESN. How’re you not going to bring back the only good thing about this and every other bad Red Sox season? Don Orsillo is, inarguably, the best play by play announcer in baseball. This isn’t a regional/Red Sox bias, either. My guy is better than your guy, and there is no argument to be made. There’s a reason he’s been doing playoff baseball for almost a decade, and there’s a reason he and Jerry Remy are the funniest announcer tandem in sports. He’s incredibly good at his job but performs it in such a way that it’s really a joy to listen to and watch. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is probably the best phrase that I can use to sum up my thoughts on this. The 2015 Red Sox are broken, so they should be fixed. Don Orsillo is not broken, so why bring in anyone else? In a year full of bonehead and asinine moves, this one might take the cake. As a side note, I’m just going to let Michael Scott express my feelings from now on:


Pedro Martinez Took His Rightful Place in the Baseball Hall Of Fame Yesterday

Slow Clap (Citizen Kane)

Pedro Martinez, one of the greatest pitchers of all time, is finally a hall of famer. In his first year of eligibility, Pedro was selected as a member of the 2015 hall of fame class with 91% of the vote. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, watching Pedro pitch in his prime was nothing short of amazing. He’s the only pitcher I can remember getting EXCITED about. During that era, when guys like Bonds, Sosa and McGwire were hitting 60-70 home runs a year, it was Pedro who routinely stole the show. There’s the 17 strikeout, one hit performance in Yankee Stadium. There’s the 1999 All Star game, where he struck out Barry Larkin, Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in succession to start the game at Fenway. There’s game 5 of the ALDS in Cleveland, where he pitched 6 no hit innings in relief to get the Red Sox to the ALCS. He was so great, and he did with an extra sense of flair that made everything he did, whether it was on the mound, in the dugout cheering on his teammates or taking on the media. He’ll get his #45 retired by the Red Sox tomorrow night, and I’ll be there to witness. One last chance to see the great Pedro Martinez at Fenway.

– Ryan

Red Sox Live Recap: Mookie Betts Is Really, Really Good

I went to the Sox game last night, and just like that their 4 game losing streak is now a 1 game winning streak. While I’d love to take all the credit, there is one guy who take most of it, and his name is Mookie Betts. Mookie homered twice and turned a great double play in the Sox’s 2-0 win last night, and this could be the type of game to really get him going offensively. Rick Porcello pitched great, holding the Rays scoreless through 7 innings, and Alexi Ogando and Koji did their thing to seal the victory. It’s fitting that the Red Sox celebrated the 1975 team last night, because this current team does have some similarities. During Fred Lynn’s interview on the pre show, he mentioned how that 1975 team was a good mix of veterans and young guys. The 2015 Red Sox have Bogaerts, Betts, Holt and Swihart all under 27 years of age and a solid group of veterans headlined by the clubhouse leader David Ortiz. The pitching staff is still in shambles, but if we’ve learned anything from the first month of baseball, it’s that the AL East is going to be up for grabs come October. It’s a very long season, and while I’d like to see them make a move to bolster the starting rotation, I’m not going to go into panic mode on May 6th. The hitting will come around, and hopefully the pitching will follow suit. All I know is this is going to be a fun/incredibly frustrating team to follow over the summer.

– Ryan

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