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Filmmaking Tips: How To Make a Pipe Bomb (Complements of Film Riot)

Do we have any aspiring filmmakers out there? Yes? Well, this is for you. Every week, starting today, I will be positing “Filmmaking Tips”. These tips could range from a YouTube video, like the one above, to some personal tid-bits from yours truly to some low budget effects in action! As you can see above, we start “Filmmaker Tips” with a BANG! This video on how to make a convincing pipe bomb prop comes from our friends over at Film Riot. Never seen there stuff? Well either check them out on YouTube or stay tuned here because I will be using a lot of their content in upcoming “Filmmaking Tips”!

“Write, shoot, edit, repeat”


PS- Ryan and I have been giving a lot of though to putting up more of our own original shorts. Subscribe to our YouTube page so you don’t miss anything!


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