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Bobby Moynihan Trying To Run Through Water Is My New Favorite Video

Drake hosted SNL this weekend and the results were wonderful. He’s a charming guy and a very good actor, so it should come as no surprise that this was a very strong episode. One of the highlights was the spoof sketch of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ with Captain Tornado (Bobby Moynihan) playing for his hometown that was recently wrecked by an actual tornado. Unfortunately for Captain Tornado’s friends and family, he doesn’t even make it past the first obstacle. After two attempts at jumping off the pads, he decides to try and run through the water, and it’s amazing. They slow it down for us and the results are magical. I never knew I needed a video of Bobby Moynihan trying to run through water, but now I’ve seen it, I don’t know how I went so long without it.


‘WWE Promo Shoot’, My Favorite Sketch From The Rock’s SNL

The Rock was fantastic as the host of SNL on Saturday, and there were numerous sketches that made me laugh out loud, but since it was WrestleMania weekend, I had to go with ‘WWE Promo Shoot’ for my favorite one. The premise is simple and something The Rock has done a thousand times: two wrestlers are gearing up to face each other in the ring, but they have to cut promos on each first to get the crowd ready for the match. Bobby Moynihan goes the more traditional route while The Rock’s character decides to get a little too personal. I loved this as both a fan of wrestling and SNL, and The Rock needs to get back there ASAP because his energy was off the charts. – Ryan

‘Hobbit Office’, My Favorite Sketch From The Best Episode Of SNL This Season

The best sketch from an average episode of SNL usually sticks with you for a few weeks after, but the best sketch from a great episode of SNL is in the running for sketch of the year. That’s the case with ‘Hobbit Office’, a perfect mash up of Martin Freeman’s two most famous roles (besides Fargo): Tim from the UK version of The Office and Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit epics. The quality of SNL’s pre taped sketches continue to be outstanding, and everyone here knocked their role out of the park, especially Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam. It’s no surprise that the SNL cast and writers were able to replicate both The Office & The Hobbit characters so well, but their attention to detail, even down to the way the sketch was filmed, was fantastic. Go out of your way to watch this sketch, and the episode as a whole. It was an hour and a half of hysterical sketch comedy.

– Ryan

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