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Adam Sandler & Bob Barker Rekindled Their Happy Gilmore Feud For The ‘Night Of Too Many Stars’ Special

This was GREAT. Who knew Adam Sandler still had this kind of comedy in him? First it was the ‘That’s When You Break’ digital short on SNL 40, and now he’s recreating one of his all time fight scenes from ‘Happy Gilmore’ with Bob Barker. I did not expect this to be as funny as it was, and I’m also pretty sure a 91 year old who just had hip surgery shouldn’t be standing upright, but Bob Barker isn’t human so it all works out. The initial punch from Sandler to Barker was great, as was the asparagus joke and the Rob Schneider/David Spades digs. Also, huge pop for Chubs, Abe Lincoln and the alligator. The ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ Autism Awareness show airs at 8pm on March 8th on Comedy Central.

– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals

Have you ever wanted to see Hulk Hogan in a Santa suit? Do you want to know why Sony REALLY pulled The Interview from theaters? Did you know Bob Barker is wanted for Grand Theft Auto in 27 states? Enjoy none of that and more in our holiday episode of Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies

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