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Trailer Alert: Bleed For This

Miles Teller has been on one HELL of a hot streak, besides that abortion they called a Fantastic 4 movie. To be fair, he wasn’t even CLOSE to the worst thing about that movie. Anyway, Miles Teller trades drumsticks for boxing gloves for what looks to be his next big role. Miles plays Vinny Paz, a boxer, and nut case, from my home state of Rhode Island. He’s a legend in these parts and this movies looks like it will further solidify his place in history as one of the great American boxers (/nut cases). I probably watched this trailer 20 times before I blogged it. You’re not American/A living, breathing human if you don;t like a good comeback story.

You better believe i’ll have my ass in a seat the weekend it comes out. MattStar review to follow.


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