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Blake Griffin is a Cheat Code and the 76ers SUCK

The jerseys are hideous, but those dunks are georgous.


How I Fix the NBA – More Jumping

Here is an info graphic taken from

alley oops

You know what this tells me? Popovich and co. need to work on some showmanship. Basketball in recent years has taken a turn for the worst. i.e the “announcement”, anything Ron Artest does, anything Metta World Peace does, David Stern being operated internally by a small alien, and The King who cried foul. I digress. Lets spark up this NBA season and get some viewers back. 5 alley-oops over the past two years? That is unacceptable. That also goes for anyone who is putting up less than 70. Clean up your acts, move the ball, and break some backboards. Don’t make me call Jackie Mooooooon



If at First You Don’t Succeed, Bang Another Pro Athlete


Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron, who you might know as NFL QB (Can we still call him that) Matt Leinart’s baby mama, just spit out another kid with another dad!. The dad being none other than NBA superstar dunker, Blake Griffin!


I see what you did there, Brynn. Matt Leinart’s time in the spotlight is over and it was time for you to move on to greener pastures. The ultimate power move if I ever saw one. Getting two different child support checks from two rich athletes? Brynn, you sly fox…and she is a FOX. Woof.


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