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Must Watch Trailer – Captain America The Winter Soldier

captain america

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is back and he is joined by a newcomer to the Marvel movie world, The Falcon! (Played by Anthony Mackie: underrated actor alert) In this new installment of the Avengers franchise we’re also introduced to a new villain, The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan). Barnes, like Captain America, was also frozen in ice until his thaw shortly after the Cap is out. In the comics, Bucky was originally a good guy (the Captains friend), turned cyborg assassin by the Russians. It’ll be interesting to see how Captain America combats what is sure to be one of his fiercest rivals. This trailer is definitely captivating, and should prove to be an intriguing chapter in the Avengers story.

-The Average Nobodies

PS- Did I mention Black Widow is in it as well? You can never have enough Scarlett Johansson in your life.

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