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#MusicMonday: Dionne Warwick – (There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me

We just finished reviewing Black Mirror series 4 on the Average Nobodies podcast. One of our favorite episodes was Black Museum, which featured a ton of great call backs. It also had great music, including this song which played throughout.

Few singers have better pipes than Dionne Warwick and they’re on full display here. It also fit perfectly into Black Museum, especially at the end of the episode. Have a great day on purpose everybody.


Trailer Alert – Black Mirror Series 4

This is not only a trailer, but an episode list as well. If you missed any, the episodes are: Crocodile, Arkangel, Hang The DJ, USS Callister, Metalhead and Black Museum. If we are to believe what this teaser/trailer says (and we should never believe anything a Black Mirror video shows or tells us) then there are six episodes in series 4. Which is right on par with series 3 (the first series produced by Netflix).

Looks like there are some familiar Black Mirror faces sprinkled in series 4, including Jesse Plemons, who I am particularly excited to see at the helm of a Star Trek like spaceship in USS Callister.

And the best part about Black Mirror series 4? It’s coming out, in it’s entirety (I heart your ways, Netflix), sometime in October. SO SOON.


featured photo credit: BrainPilot

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