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From Compton to Cupertino, Dr. Dre is Raps First Billionaire



Congrats Dre, you have made it to where no rapper has gone before…BILLIONS. While the deal seems pretty clear – Apple acquires Beats Audio – lets look at what is actually happening. What Apple really bought isn’t the over priced, mediocre, headphones, nope, what Apple actually bought was the Beats name, notoriety, and their streaming service, Beats Music. beats_by_dre_headphones_02_by_rauljoe-d33x86bWith music sales down Apple knows the the future of music isn’t in paid downloads, but rather in music streaming services such as Spotify, Groove Shark, and Pandora. Apple seems to be poised for a big couple of months with their acquisition of Beats Audio leading the charge. Will we see a “Beats” tag on the new iPhone? Tune in next week for Apple’s yearly even to find out!


This Police Officer Just Reinvented the Pepper Spray Protestors Game Forever

I’ve never seen such fury, such tenacity, such determination. He’s treating these protestors like they’re Nazi Zombies just plowing through them with no regard for human life! Hard as a Mother Fucker, no prisoners, no mercy. About to fall? Nope, caches his balance and continues ruining these people’s day without missing a beat. If i had half this determination I would be a billionaire by now.

-Sean Lite-

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