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Trailer Alert: The Mars Generation

Warning: This video may inspire you to leave Earth behind.

This video has all the elements to inspire me to want to call the red planet home. It’s got Bill Nye, Neil Tyson, The mohawk Nasa dude, our lord and savior Elon Musk and a slew of other awesome imagery that pumps me up and gives me a bit of a semi…if we’re being honest. My usual day-to-day on the internet is, for the most part, is full of misery. Political arguments, animals going extinct, natural disasters and general pessimism that I can’t stand anymore. But, something like this emerges and reminds me that there are still innovators among us; watching Space-X land the first reused rocket booster on a DRONE SHIP has assured me of that. I am excited to be a human for the first time in a little while.

The Mars Generation hits Netflix on May 5.


The Orion Spacecraft is Our Future in Space

Just so NASA knows, I am still 100% ready to start my astronaut training. Pick the day and time and i’m there.


Bill Nye and I Would Be Best Friends – Praising SpaceX

Last week while at the beach house, I was talking my friend’s ears off about SpaceX and all the good work they are doing, and then Bill Nye comes out with a video like this on Big Think. Coincidence? I don’t think so. How does that saying go? “Great minds think alike”?, or something like that. PS- Elon Musk is my personal hero. When he founded SpaceX in 2002 he understood the importance of keeping our eyes and minds pointed at the stars, and Bill Nye agrees. More space stuff! All the space stuff!



Can We Change the World For The Price of a Cup of Coffee? Bill Nye Thinks We Can

Why the hell isn’t Bill Nye the President of the United States?! Get him in that seat! We need to be the America I know we can be, and that starts with doing great things!


Visit to help discover new life in our universe!

While Fred Armisen is Away, Bill Nye Will Play…in The Band

Love me some Bill Nye, Love me some Seth Meyers. Bill nye needs to work on his comedic timing just a bit, but I guess you don’t have time for any of that stuff when you are off saving the world. Seth Meyers putting the bit on his back like only he knows how to.


John Oliver and Bill Nye CRUSH the Climate Change “Debate”

Just when I thought John Oliver couldn’t win me over more, he goes and does this! Finally, someone explaining, plain and simple, how insane this ‘debate’ actually is.

Billy Nye for President, John Oliver for VP, and Bill Paxton for Secretary of State.


Kanye West Seems Like The Type of Guy Who Would Pick Bill Nye in the NFL Draft

-The Average Nobodies

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CNN You Better Grab Some Aloe, Because Bill Nye just BURNED YOU

“Lets get to the essence of the problem; The science, the researchers, say yes and you say NO”

Bill Nye putting the torch to CNN! Hurricane Shmurricane, Billy Nye don’t care about your Hurricanes. Facts are facts because of very important characteristic: THEY ARE FACTS.

bill copy

Check out Bill’s “I can see right through you” face, S.E. Cupp just pissed her pants. Hey SARAH, yeah I read your Wiki page,  if you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns. Do you really want to argue with a scientist? The man who taught me everything I know? Look elsewhere for an easy win, you ain’t gonna get it here.


PS- How dare S.E. Cupp say Bill Nye is bullying people. He could barely get a word in.

Below is the full video. Worth a look:

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