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HBO Released It’s First Trailer For ‘Barry’ Starring Bill Hader

Barry – Spring 2018

The synopsis for Barry is simple: Bill Hader stars as Barry, a seasoned assassin who discovers a new passion for acting while on assignment in Los Angeles. Add in the fact that this will be airing on HBO, and you have one of the more anticipated shows of 2018. I’m a huge Hader fan dating back to his SNL days, and I think his brand of humor will be perfect for this role. Not a lot is known about this show according to IMDb, but Alec Berg is listed as a writer and director. If you don’t know that name, you’ve probably heard of some of the shows he’s worked on. Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm & Silicon Valley just to name a few. This is only a teaser trailer, but with a spring 2018 debut planned, I’m assuming a full trailer is coming soon.


Anthony Scaramucci & Lavar Ball Highlighted SNL’s First Ever Weekend Update Summer Edition

Usually we’d have to wait until late September or early October for SNL to reappear and start skewering the news. Luckily for us, SNL aired the first ever Weekend Update Summer Edition last night, and it was a welcome site. Colin Jost opened up the show with the most accurate line of all time – “it’s been a crazy year these last few weeks”. With Trump as President, everything feels like it’s going in super sonic motion, and just when your head is wrapped around one crazy news story, two more pop up to sock you in the jaw. Now, onto my two favorite parts.

It’s a goddamn shame that SNL missed out on Anthony Scaramucci. The Mooch and his personality and penchant for telling reporters that Steve Bannon sucks his own cock would have been a gold mine for SNL, but alas, those that fly closest to the sun aren’t mean to be around for long. Luckily we still got Bill Hader as Scaramucci, and he was fantastic because ‘Bill Hader as _____’ is always a going to be fantastic. I don’t know if they’ll bring Hader back for this season (especially if The Mooch doesn’t make his way back into the spotlight) but I’m glad we at least got this. Also, has there ever been a more on the nose description of someone than The Mooch being human cocaine? I don’t think so.

Kenan Thompson is heading into his 15th (!) season as an SNL cast member, and much like a fine wine, he gets better with age. He impersonated Lavar Ball last night, who I usually would hate to see pop up in the news, but if Kenan is doing the impersonation I’ll let it slide. Kenan’s vocal impersonations are never that great, but he makes it up for it in other ways, like the way he pronounced rhinoceros or the dance move he did to take the sneakers away from Colin. Lavar isn’t going away anytime soon (Lonzo hasn’t even started his rookie year yet) and I’m assuming his asinine comments will keep coming. This won’t be the last we’ve seen of Kenan’s newest impression.


Trailer Alert – Trainwreck

This is set to debut at SXSW, so I will most definitely be seeing it. I am hot and cold on Amy Schumer, some days she’s funny and other days I want to rip my television off my wall when I see her. This trailer seems to be pointing to the former, so that’s good. Other takeaways in this trailer: John Cena goes on a date with heart one point (which could be paralleling her dating Dolph Ziggler back in the day) so that’s cool. Lebron James makes an appearance and surprisingly enough he doesn’t seem like a horrible actor……..Oh, and BILL “MOTHER FUCKING” HADER is the other lead. Yeah, i’m sold.


Bill Hader Nominated For Best Supporting Actor Emmy After His Final Season On SNL

What a joyous day. Hader is my favorite cast member for a number of reasons, mainly because of his other wordly versatility. From his iconic Weekend Update character “Stefon” to his impressions of James Carville and Al Pacino, Hader always induced the laughs. He brought you to the edge of the proverbial cliff, and just when you thought you couldn’t laugh any harder, he put it in overdrive. It’s Hader’s second consecutive nomination, and he is still the first male SNL cast member to be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy since 1983 (Eddie Murphy). Although it’s sad to see him leave the show, it’s always great to see a super talented performer get the respect he deserves.

– Ryan

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