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My Favorite Sketch From Charlize Theron’s SNL: Bikini Beach Party

Charlize Theron’s second hosting stint on SNL was kind of meh overall, but I really enjoyed the Bikini Beach party sketch. Even though you knew the whale was eventually going to explode, it kind of took me by surprise and worked well. The funniest part about this sketch is that it’s not that absurd. Whales do wash up on the beach and explode from time to time, I just don’t know that I’d take a girl looking for a kiss to the one spot on the beach where there is a whale carcass. But thats why Taran Killam is on SNL and I’m not. Also, ukulele for life.


Girl Gets Tasered For Charity

Something tells me there are much better ways to raise money for charity. Bake sale, car wash, walk-a-thon you know, anything except for being tasered. Apparently she charged a group of guys $100 each to watch her get tasered in a bikini. And mom thought that business degree would never get any use.


Devin Brugman’s Instagram Was a Flurry of Emotion Last Night


What a flurry of emotion. Devin Brugman’s instagram is the ideal place to feed creeps and weirdo. Granted I follow her so I’m not sure what that says about me. This is also a good time to point out that people who comment “first like” on instagram are the worst people in the world. Do you want a a medal or a prize? Go out and experience some human interaction. And Devin Brugmam, I’ll be in Austin, Texas until Wednesday if you finally come to your senses and want to hang out.

– Ryan

81ThirdKid Needs To Pump His Brakes

This is Devin Brugman:



Grade 5 Sharknado. She cofounded the company A Bikini A Day, which thankfully for us means she’s pretty much in a bikini 24/7. She’s got a body even Elton John would love and a face to match. When she puts up a new picture on Instagram, many of us can’t even find the words to describe what we’re looking at it. Unfortunately, 81ThirdKid can find the words.


Hey pal, you’re talking to a goddess here, not some eyebrow free homeless woman in Kennedy Plaza. His comment starts off pleasantly, but quickly takes a turn to bizarro world and never really recovers. Why would you want to go through all that for a steak dinner date over Skype. At least request a face to face dinner. 81ThirdKid is the definition of the term shit for brains. And next time your going to ruin one of Devin Brugman’s pictures, leave Rosie O’Donnell out of it. I can’t picture them both at the same time again. My brain might explode.

– Ryan

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