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022 Harrison Ford needs to stop flying

Opening (0:00 – 3:30), The Grammys (3:30 – 17:30), Harrison Ford (17:30 – 24:00), Jackie Robinson’s Brother (24:00 – 26:45), New planets found (26:45 – 31:30), Hot Dogs or Shoveling (31:30 – 34:12), What are we watching (34:12 – 40:20), Closing (40:20 – 42:24)

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020 Super Bowl, Royal Rumble, Pat Macafee

Opening (0:00 – 2:40), Super Bowl (2:40 – 19:22), Barstool Sports and Pat Macafee (19:22 – 26:25), Beyonce (26:25 – 31:05), Royal Rumble (31:05 – 35:50), What are we watching (35:50 – 47:47)

My Favorite Sketch From Melissa McCarthy’s #SNL – The Day Beyonce Turned Black

First of all, if you haven’t seen this episode of SNL please go back and watch it in it’s entirety. There was not one bad sketch (outside of the cold open) and SNL took their recipe of giving McCarthy oddball characters to play and shot it to the moon. The ‘horror movie test audience’ and ‘pick up line’ sketches were amazing, and every other sketch was good to great. I can’t wait until McCarthy hosts again so her opening monologue can be a Timerblake-esque  five timers celebration. But back to the Beyoncé sketch; this is a great example of SNL taking a ridiculous concept and finding the humor in it. Beyoncé was criticized for her new music video/song Formation as well as her Super Bowl performance, because once someone’s goes against what the majority of people believe they should be doing, people get angry. I really can’t say enough good things about this sketch, and the fact that it was filmed and edited in two days blows my mind. Watch this now, and then go back and watch it again.


Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Danced To ‘Single Ladies’ At The US Open Because They’re The Best

Jimmy Fallon & Justine Timberlake attended the US Open last night because they’re best buds, and proved they’re just like us when they couldn’t resist breaking out a few dance movies by Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ starting playing. The song is a jam, and this isn’t JT’s first foray into impersonating queen Beyoncé. Insert awesome SNL skit:


Insane Instagram Comments – Beyonce




This isn’t insane as much as it’s hysterical. Yesterday Beyoncé took over Instagram and started posting pictures of her U.N. mission/visit to Haiti. Beyoncé and Jay-Z do a lot of humanitarian work all over the world, and for the most part use their celebrity to help and promote good causes. While that’s a general known fact, one Instagram commenter still had to be reassured that her good deeds were actual good deeds. @Tiffany_leeann7 might know something we don’t, or she could be a few cards short of a full deck. While I doubt Beyoncé flew all the way to Haiti just to take pictures, I guess you never know. We live in a cynical society, and Tiffany Leeann just wants to make sure our beloved celebrities aren’t fronting on Instagram. If it comes out that Beyoncé is just an evil picture taker, we know who to thank for it.

– Ryan

People are Awesome – 29 Impressions in One song

I am always blown away by musical talent, but this is ridiculous. Every impression is spot on! Listen to it with your eyes closed and you will think Kermit the Frog is in the room with you. Pretty amazing stuff, nice work.

People are awesome


Another Installment of “Insane Instagram Comments” – Beyonce’s Burden


A few things worry me here. First is obviously that someone would actually write this on an Instagram picture of Beyoncé doing a cartwheel. Second is that this guy put “remember” in there, implying that he’s probably said this a bunch of times in the past. He really needs to reinforce the point to Beyoncé to make sure she knows that Bill Crawford will die for her. I’m sure she went on Instagram this morning, read that comment and it really cheered her up. Nothing like a human sacrifice to get your weekend started off right.

– Ryan

Every Youtube Video Ever is Better With Jim Ross’s Commentary – Jay-Z/Solange Knowles Fight

It’s safe to say this will NEVER get old. I hope every popular Youtube video from now until eternity gets the Jim Ross remix. Even though WWE was dumb enough to let him go, its nice to know that his iconic commentary lives on in the elevator fight videos between Jay-Z and his sister in law. Good God almighty he’s broken in half!

– Ryan