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Insane Instagram Comments – Beyonce




This isn’t insane as much as it’s hysterical. Yesterday Beyoncé took over Instagram and started posting pictures of her U.N. mission/visit to Haiti. Beyoncé and Jay-Z do a lot of humanitarian work all over the world, and for the most part use their celebrity to help and promote good causes. While that’s a general known fact, one Instagram commenter still had to be reassured that her good deeds were actual good deeds. @Tiffany_leeann7 might know something we don’t, or she could be a few cards short of a full deck. While I doubt Beyoncé flew all the way to Haiti just to take pictures, I guess you never know. We live in a cynical society, and Tiffany Leeann just wants to make sure our beloved celebrities aren’t fronting on Instagram. If it comes out that Beyoncé is just an evil picture taker, we know who to thank for it.

– Ryan

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