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037 Money in the Bank, American Gods, Saul and OITNB

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036 The Laura Moon Seatbelt Fund

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035 People, Gods and Gus Fring

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034 Little Derek Diapers, Ryan 2 Thumbs & Mattie Meatballs

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TV Club – Archer

We here at The Average Nobodies consider ourselves TV aficionados. So much so that we created a whole club around the watching of TV. Two weeks ago we talked Better Call Saul, last week we checked out American Gods and this week we plan to discuss the critically acclaimed animated comedy, Archer. I know what you’re saying: “Matt, Ryan, you guys are so handsome and awesome, what an great choice for the third TV Club”. Save your breath, we’ve heard it all before, and we agree, this is an excellent choice for the third TV Club.

Starring the voice of H. Jon Benjamin (Bob from Bob’s Burgers), Archer follows the hijinks of an international spy agency where “global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other”. Not bad for skimming the IMDB page. AMIRIGHT??

Watch the first 5 episodes of Archer on Netflix and call into our podcast (401-285-8120) by 5pm on Thursday to have your voicemail played on the show!  


031 Better Call American Gods | RIP Big Black

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‘Better Call Saul’ Had The Highest Rated Series Debut in Cable Television History

SaulBet AMC executives are glad they didn’t lose that Albuquerque lawyer’s number. Sunday night’s launch of Better Call Saul was the highest-rated series debut in cable history. The highly anticipated Breaking Bad prequel delivered 6.9 million viewers and a record-setting 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. That’s an enormous launch on a cable network where even hit shows tend to start modest and then gradally gather steam.

Of course, a show debuting after the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead is a bit like a network airing an episode of show after the Super Bowl, and Better Call Saul has plenty of viewer recognition from Breaking Bad. Ratings for tonight’s second episode should provide a stronger sense of the show’s true performance (no spoilers, but Monday’s hour contains a desert-set scene that’s easily the best sequence the show’s first few episodes). 

saul goodman animated GIF

Nothing makes a TV executive happier than good ratings, and ‘Better Call Saul’ is now the premiere cable ratings king. As the article states, it definitely helped that they had the best lead in on television, but while the ratings might have been helped by The Walking Dead, but show itself as well the second episode last night definitely delivered. While the show had a ‘Breaking Bad’ feel to it (Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan are doing the show, after all) there are enough new characters and stories to be told that should keep viewers coming back for more. The show starts off with a flash forward scene, a bleak look into Saul’s new life after everything that went down with Walter White. The rest of the show has been a flashback to his life before he was Saul Goodman (he was formerly attorney Jimmy McGill) with some classic Breaking Bad characters sprinkled in (Mike! Tuco!). If you haven’t yet, check out the first two episodes and keep coming back on Monday nights for more Saul Goodman madness.

– Ryan


Better Call Saul Webisodes Are Here! Thank You, Internets!

Breaking Bad fans, we are getting closer to the premiere of “Better Call Saul”! This little webisode is said to be the beginning of many little videos leading up to the premiere of this long awaited spinoff. My bagel wasn’t toasted enough this morning….BETTER CALL SAUL.



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